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It saved me years of my life by putting me on path. -Ellen, Spa Owner

You make it so simple for people, no muss , no fuss! Thanks Jason -Indigo

It's like what you go to church for but never find: the wellspring of unconditional love. -Kimberly

I have truly had a transformational two months since the last class and my private session. -Carolyn, Pharmacist

You've made me remember who I a child. -Veronica R.

Thank you for helping me become a more happier and loving person. -Rachel G.

There was a real shift in my life spiritually when I encountered Jason. -Drew Larimore, Writer

Everything I have studied clicked together after Jason Nelson's class. -Aliza, LICAC

I would recommend anybody hire Jason who is looking to heal! -Brad

I was confused and stressed out...the first session helped me to clarify my true heart's desires. -Juliana, MD

Every session is a profound shift for me...I've never felt so happy and purposeful. –JoAllan

Jason really can make miracles happen...I’ve been on the receiving end hundreds of times.–Mia

I’ve been a client of Jason’s. It’s profound. It’s transformative...absolutely authentic.–Marci Shimoff

Incredibly powerful and clear process of how to connect to your spirit. -Toni

His amazing depth of perception and healing are unbelievable. -Jean, Retiree