five-accomplishments-to-becoming-one-with-your-soul In today’s world many people are disconnected from both the importance of their life and what their purpose is in its most glorious manifestation.

Do you know how important you are?

Can you see the full vision of your life purpose and your next steps to manifest it?

As a soul, you are living in your body on the Earth for very important reasons, both for your own growth as a soul and the betterment of humanity.

Instead of our focus being on the love and power of our souls, we often spend our time judging ourselves and other people and feeling disconnected from who we truly are. We’re pulled and affected by challenging people and situations. We are ungrounding from our life when things become uncomfortable, instead of embracing the beauty and opportunity that is within every moment.

We need tools to become one with our souls and move into soul-based living. The Five Accomplishments are the steps to get each of us there.

What is the Five Accomplishments?

The Five Accomplishments, also called The Five Steps to Becoming One with Your Soul, is a unique, effective way for you to recognize and overcome any imbalances in your mind. Your mind is the root of imbalances and is creating most everything uncomfortable and unhealthy for you.

How does Five Accomplishments Coaching benefit me?

Training to be a Five Accomplishments Coach initiates you into soul-based living and teaches you love-based approaches to help yourself and others for the rest of your life . . . Imagine feeling peace, love and purpose in every single aspect of your life. Can you imagine how your life would be different?

You learn to embrace your soulful, loving nature while getting real with your life, so you can heal limiting beliefs and emotional blocks. By recreating your life to be aligned with your spiritual self, you will reveal, understand and manifest your life purpose.

You can learn to heal yourself and others in the Five Accomplishments Coaching Program at

Soul-Based Living Exercise

Here’s an introductory awareness exercise that uses the soul-based essence of the Five Accomplishments to show you how to transform your life and relationships right now in as little as one to three minutes. I’m certain you will feel more peace by using it every day.

I use the advanced, expanded version of this exercise taught in my Five Accomplishments Coaching Program, and it has been one of the fastest, most impactful tools I have experienced. I hope it is as effective for you!

1. When you notice you are blaming, reacting or feeling separation, choose the antithesis of these ego-based qualities from the soul-based list below. Most people feel one of these three uncomfortable qualities for at least minutes or moments each day. If for instance you are blaming someone, yourself or a situation, instead you will want to choose to listen. Shift from reacting to learning, or from separation to unity.

Ego-Based Soul-Based Soul-Based Affirmation
Blaming Listening “I choose to listen.”
Reacting Learning “I choose to learn.”
Separation Unity “I choose to unify.”

2. Next, create an affirmation with the soul-based quality. For example, “I choose to listen.” “I choose to learn.” “I choose to unify.”

3. As you speak the affirmation, feel it. Repeat it until you feel more neutral and peaceful than before the exercise.

This works! Try it and you’ll feel peace in one to three minutes or less.

For a full list of my thirty Soul-Based Living vs Ego-Based Living qualities to use with this exercise, check out my book Empower Our Children or attend the Five Accomplishments Coaching Training Program.


I am here to support you in One On One Spiritual Life Coaching sessions and the Five Accomplishments Coaching Training. Click the links to learn more about releasing your burdens to feel the love of your soul!


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