Children Are The First PriorityDuring a radio interview last week, a passage from my Divinely communicated book: Empowering Our Children: God's Call to Parents, How to Heal Yourself and Your Children came to mind. Here is the passage:

“Children are the first priority as they will build any hope of your soul returning to this planet again. The fate of the world lies in the hands of today’s children who will be the leaders and parents of tomorrow. The youth exemplify qualities adults have lost like innocence, vulnerability and unconditional acceptance. They offer innate, simplified wisdom for new ways to live as a unified world. So thank them for their kindness in offering this world assistance . . .”

As I was exploring this passage for myself, God asked me to share this message with you:

Awakening Your Inner Child Part IIAs you enter into a discovery of the child within, you enter into a deeper understanding of your soul’s nature, because what determines the degree of awakening of your inner child is truly the revealment of your soul in physical form.

You were born with the expression or light of your soul shining so bright through the little eyes of a baby. And as the baby grows into a child, an adolescent, and adult, the innocent eyes become colored.

What is meant by colored? The colors that overlay the inner child, or in other words soul expression, are the beliefs and stories learned from adults, and most importantly parents.

Awakening Your Inner Child Part IThere is a child within us all, wanting our attention. This inner child is the heart of our spiritual selves, it is the untainted, loving, innocent part of ourselves.

If you were to think back to the times where you felt and experienced your innocence, the love, the heart of your soul. . . you would notice peace, inspiration and excitement.

There is a whole world waiting to be rediscovered within our inner child, and it is here for you. . . right now.

Open your mind to the possibility that the part of you, the part of all of us that we have suppressed or judged, to some degree or another, is ready to be unleashed and fully expressed.