Dalai Lama Steps DownDid the Dalai Lama, Spiritual Leader for the Tibetan people, actually state “rule by spiritual leaders, kings and rajas, is out of date . . . it must end?”

Yes he did. What does this mean?

He is clearly sending a message to the world that we are in a new paradigm, and by breaking the Tibetan Buddhism tradition, he is sending shockwaves through the world.

Padma Choling, the Chinese-appointed governor of Tibet, said

that “the Dalai Lama had no right to abolish the institution of reincarnation, underscoring China's hard-line stance on one of the most sensitive issues for the restless and remote region.” We can celebrate our spiritual brother taking a stance to empower Tibet, and the world, possibly in a way that is not apparent today to everyone. I trust this is a huge step forward. Expect to see similar acts by others worldwide!


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#1 Vincent Levy Bryant 2011-04-07 21:01
I know this is all so true . A series of changes in my life and those I love around me have been prepping us for something that is HUGE , yet I AM not unsure and paranoid about this change . I too am a music creative .I am also very sensitive to others and surrounding emanations and vibrations .I had a dream about my DAD who gave me this great gift of music power and I am seeing and witnessing my music as a healing tool for others and myself . I first noticed this when I became to depressed over the loss of my mother and the immediate break-up of my family . I observed in many situations the power of healing and renewing with my music as the medium of exchange of light . I want to understand this better . Thank You for what ever you can do Jason .