Mass Animal DeathIs the recent death of 3,000 blackbirds and 100,000 drum fish in America a sign of the end times? The American government reports that 163 such events are reported each year.

Is what we see today a precursor to the 2012 doom and gloom prophecies?

No. According to my spiritual guidance there are different reasons for mass animal deaths.

Whether it’s a mystery, disease, natural conditions or manmade causes, sometimes behind the apparent cause is the hand of a spiritual force.

Who drives evolution? What helps to balance ecosystems?

There is a spiritual force behind the scenes that is creating checks and balances with the planet so that the evolutionary process can continue in an undisclosed preplanned way. Say for instance there is a vine plant in the Amazon jungle that is overgrown and causing the possible extinction of other plant or animal species. This spiritual force might step in to cause the evolution of a plant to overtake it or animal to eat it so that the growth of the invasive ivy is limited, or it may cause a disease to occur to shrink its impact. Even though these spiritual forces at work are not uncommon, there is a limit to their impact before our own freewill is violated beyond reasonable limits.


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