North KoreaNorth Korea is raising the stakes with South Korea by threatening them with nuclear attack if the South conducts military exercises in questioned regions.

What should be done?

What does your intuition tell you about the situation?

Could we witness a nuclear attack in 2011?

Should we wipe out the North since we are the South’s ally or should we buy time?


What I intuit on the matter is that we will not witness a nuclear war in 2011. The probability of the US going to war with North Korea by 2012 is high, but it is unlikely that nuclear warheads will be used. Not apparent to the general public is the behind the scenes maneuvering and negotiating between the US and both Koreas.

Often what the public sees in the media and what heads of state discuss privately on secure communication lines can be quite different.

Nevertheless, as with any global situation, the public has the power. The public needs to unify and use its power to require change from heads of state. Only then can we start down the road to peace.



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