The Anti AtomThe anti-atom has finally been trapped long enough by the CERN particle accelerator located in Northern Europe, so that scientists can begin studying it.

What's so special about this event?

When anti-matter and matter come in contact they completely annihilate each other, producing more energy than any other process we currently have.

Though it won’t happen soon, we will have anti-matter technology developed this century, as well as anti-gravity technology. Both will pave the way into a new era of science that permits practical intergalactic space travel in the same amount of time as we currently spend to travel between cities on Earth.

In the same way current communication technology would have been mysterious to a 16th century scientist, so is the thought of traveling between galaxies to us today. Every invention and breakthrough is available for anyone to channel from the universal or Akashic records, as they’ve been called, to be made to manifest. Be a channel for the new information in your respective field and support our new world!


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