World Cup What does the World Cup spiritually symbolize?

The World Cup, involving humanity's expert soccer or football players, depending on your nationality, is an opportunity to evolve our experience of competition.

How you behave, think and feel in a competitive setting, indicates your spiritual evolution. Ego-based versus soul-based competition is clearly defined by judgment versus equality.

How do you experience the World Cup, Olympics or local competitions?

Healthy soul-based competition involves being your best, not compared to others but yourself, and being treated equally by others. If everyone on a team is part of the team, they would ideally be treated as an equal part. But this is not the case, as team members are treated as more or less valuable; they are treated as commodities in some cases, traded and sold.

Does competition bring both sides together in unity more or do they drive a wedge between them? Soul-based competition will inspire everyone to be their best, and will humbly unify everyone involved. Do you choose soul-based competition? I do.


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