Gulf Oil Spill The conflict over who will pay for the cleanup of the recent United States gulf oil spill is mounting. We tend to want to blame others for our passive contribution to the current worldly affairs.

It is no coincidence that every time something happens that we don’t like, we point our finger out at something or someone.

The gulf oil spill is an opportunity for everyone to take responsibility for our collective creation called reality.

This spill is detrimentally affecting life in ways that are mind-numbing, but it’s not the end.

In fact, it can be a new beginning! It is a wakeup call. Every heart shocking world event is a warning that the time to idly stand by and point fingers is over. Our time to take responsibility and transform our world is here, now.


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#3 Ken Keicher 2010-07-05 17:31
First of all, BP is part of Amoco, which is an American company. And hopefully the wake up call will be for those who have the power, such as our government, to take advantage of this situation to ban further oil-related damage to our environment and put a rush on developing clean renewable sources of energy, such as hydrogen, whose only by-products are oxygen and water, meaning no greenhouse gases and no polluting the air, the water or the earth.
#2 Dr. Rev. Heather 2010-05-18 15:59
It's ironic that we are quick to blame others and refuse to see that each person can make a huge impact by the choices we make as individuals. If EVERYONE who owns residential property (rental or your own home) changed to solar or wind power, it would have a massive impact to the power and oil companies. It's all about supply and demand. IF your HOA does not allow solar panels or windmills, your community needs to DEMAND CHANGE at your next townhall.

If WE start demanding products that provide power not relying upon oil or coal by purchasing them, then oil and mining companies would have no reason to supply the products. If there is no demand, there is no need to drill or dig which translates into a cleaner atmosphere and a solid world (literally).

But it all starts with spending our money on those products. Talk will not usually get you very far. Money is power because it talks to those who sell. If you're not demanding what they supply, then they either change the product supplied or their business dies.

Buy it and "they" will change.
#1 Josephine Keat 2010-05-09 13:18
Hi Jason, I always love your comments in the articles you write. As I remember this news issue BP (British Petroleum) has said they would be paying for all of the expenses of the clean up. However, I could not help but wonder why are they drilling here? But I truly do not follow the political issues that closely.
What I'd like to suggest to you is to have a conference call for the purpose of helping our "Mother Earth" heal from this crisis. I'm sure there would be an Enlightened Master to come in and give commentary to expand our awareness on this and other situations. I know that together we can affect a spiritual/vibrational movement to help resolve this situation. Also I think your students and following would love the opportunity to feel this experience and apply it as often as they become inspired to connect. With Love Always, Josephine O:-)