Can humanity achieve zero emission energyBill Gates at the 2010 Los Angeles TED conference talked about the need for zero emission energy, meaning humanity must find alternatives to our current energy production processes that leave no carbon footprint, not simply decrease it.

This is true in the most serious way, for if we don’t do this, the resulting Earth changes will create unbearable living conditions for many people on the planet before the turn of the next century, and indeed millions of people will die from environmental catastrophes.

Maybe these changes won’t affect your descendents as much as others around the globe, but we need to begin thinking as a conscious unified civilization that what is good for others is also good for us, and under the universal law of oneness, we will only evolve as much as our collective spiritual brothers and sisters do.

Bill Gates is strategizing the creation of a traveling wave nuclear reactor. This technology would power the planet for hundreds of years by using the leftover stockpile of U238 depleted uranium from current nuclear power plants. This clean nuclear energy may not be the final clean zero emissions energy but it’s a fantastic step forward led by one of the world’s wealthiest, conscious individuals.

Corporations, governments and citizens must step up to the plate and play their part to achieve 100% clean energy to ensure future generations will have a habitable planet. At the very least, spread the word!


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