Climate Change Conference The 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Denmark is a great step forward to curb global warming, which we all need to start taking more seriously.

Global warming results from human activity, such as fossil fuel burning and deforestation, that produces greenhouse gas emissions.

Higher global temperatures are causing major problems such as rising sea levels, extreme weather, glacial retreat, species extinction, and unpredictable agricultural yields. These changes in the world affect all of us.

What can we do to halt global warming?

One option is to mitigate our greenhouse gas emissions by finding alternate forms of energy such as nuclear energy or electric energy for cars; however, even if we were to seriously cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, we would still be seeing the effects of what we have already done for decades.

This means that we also need to learn to adapt--to anticipate climate changes and make compensations accordingly. One example would be to build up beaches to protect low-level coastal areas from flooding from rising sea levels.

What we really need to do is change our values. Instead of ever-increasing consumption, we need to reframe our minds so that we value things such as quality time, family, friends, and love over material goods and status symbols. When we reduce our consumption, we heal the planet naturally and organically.

The climate change conference is an opportunity for the world to decide to make a difference and take steps to heal and protect our precious planet.


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