Universal Health CareCreating world peace includes many things such as providing water for those who are dying of thirst, sharing food with starving people, and offering basic health care for those in need of it.

Universal health care has worked in many industrialized nations such as Britain, Canada, and France, who have all adopted the no person left behind philosophy.

Even though these countries offer these services to their citizens, they still spend less money for health care, per person, than the United States does.

There are some things in a capitalistic society that must not be monopolized or even capitalized on, namely health care.

The current health bill is a step in the right direction by eliminating pre-existing conditions as a factor in providing someone health care and keeping costs down, but it is still a far cry from a universal solution.

Universal health care will not only provide assistance to those who cannot afford health care but will unify this world. The more we, as citizens of Earth, come together on providing basic needs to our brother and sister souls, the sooner we will experience world peace in as little as one generation.


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#3 Yogi ramesh Pandey 2009-09-08 15:44
Hi divine Jason,My heart is with you.I am a universal Yogi for this divine universe.Universal health care is very important for the happy healthy life.Breath, love and laugh and be happy forever.
Do it now,it id a divine message for all the souls on this planet.
I am with you in Universal health care.be happy,keep smiling,God is within you.
#2 Connie Wu 2009-09-07 12:16
Obama wants to introduce a government sponsored non-profit public option that will offer everyone in the United States affordable health insurance. No one will be denied because of pre-existing conditions. No one will need to worry about whether they can afford to receive medical treatment or if they must suffer and die. A public option will help not only the millions of uninsured Americans, but also the millions of insured Americans because it will keep the private insurance companies in check.
#1 Connie Wu 2009-09-07 12:11
Yes! We definitely need universal health care. Here are my thoughts:

America has a seriously broken health insurance system. The idea of private health insurance companies being responsible for the health of American citizens is ridiculous. Their whole business model is to make profit by denying people health care coverage. The more people they refuse care to, the more money they make. Such a system is barbaric and cannot continue. Health insurance costs are astronomical and still rising. Procedures and treatments that would cost $2,000 in Canada cost $60,000 here because the private insurance companies need to make their profits. All of this money goes straight into the pockets of top executives and shareholders instead of towards helping people.

Continued in my next comment.