Economy and UnemploymentWho wouldn’t want a solid prophecy on the economy?

Is there a great opportunity in the midst of this turbulent time?

Unemployment will not improve much until 2010. Thank goodness!

What you may ask!

From a different vantage point this is not a time of peril but one of the greatest opportunities of this decade.

The universal higher power at work guiding Earth and humanity is continually looking for creative ways to alter people’s lives without actually making choices for them.

How many people for how long have felt stuck in the rut? As the part of the human condition, we are not comfortable with change and will make any attempt to avoid it, despite dispassionate, stagnant circumstances.

However, because of the economic climate, people are being taken out of dispassionate situations and redirected onto their higher spiritual paths. The goal is to seize this time and use it to really lift into one’s passion and purpose.

In the past, passion may have been one of the last things on the list. Now people are saying, “What the heck, I’m out of work anyways, I might as well give it a shot.”


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#2 Sandra 2009-11-06 01:09
Exactly so!
God never interferes with peoples destinies and directions, so this is a choice that mankind has chosen and I believe it is offering exactly as you say!
#1 Violin 2009-09-21 13:57
well, this is me, 100% !!! :-)
knock knock knockin' on heaven's door