OprahIs Oprah for real? This woman can relate to the most influential people in the world and to the middleclass house wife. She is diverse but is she goodhearted? Yes.

Oprah is actually 95 percent authentic. Ninety-five percent authentic is incredibly real for someone who has such a high visibility. This proves she is at the top of the list of most honest, authentic, influential people on the planet (no one vibrates 100 percent authenticity).

Nevertheless, given her notoriety and influence, Oprah has only gotten her feet wet. She can actually do much more to increase her role in creating world-wide peace and understanding.

She must consider creating a social networking empowerment site that ties the most influential people together in one fell swoop.

Another way she could extend her influence in ways she has not is to lead an effort to change entire systems in the world such as law, education, governmental, medical, insurance and industry.

Oprah can find the capable innovative minds envisioning our new world and bring them together to begin restructuring how we do business as a world in every way.

Oprah will have an unimaginable influence on decades to come if she thinks bigger and sees her purpose for being on Earth as being a world leader, with as much or more influence as presidents of nations. She is to be a mentor to influential leaders world-wide.

As she builds her empire over the next decade she will experience her role as a visionary and attract more. As her empire and power increases, she must bear in mind that before her death, the most important system she will manifest is one that gives the power and empire back to the people co-creating a one world unified nation.

Jump on the Oprah Train for its leading humanity in a beneficial direction but always validate your direction with your own intuitive compass.


© 2015 Jason Nelson

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#3 Jason Nelson 2011-01-03 18:12
Comment by Jason: I always do my best to attempt to see through Spirit's eyes and what are their thoughts on a situation. Well as these posts are Spirit inspired. When I look through Spirit's eyes what I see is not the face value but the affect a situation has on the entire world. As far as recent actions, Oprah's OWN network is very authentic and is currently looking for empowerment shows to add to its roster. She's expanding her reach of empowerment. It's exciting!
#2 Anthony Everest 2010-12-17 02:32
I do like this idea - but really, in truth; we can only believe and hold on to the truth in it. Will it ever happen? Optimisim is the way forward from my little journey on earth, and hope!
#1 bill 2010-04-23 16:27
I've watched Oprah for several years and was thinking pretty much the same as you but i'm not impressed with the materialism, multiple mansions, etc…basically she doesn’t practice what she preaches when she talks of saving the planet, consuming less, or loosing weight. i would rate her more around 75% authenticity.