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Voice channeling stories from practitioners of our program

Note from Jason:
It is exciting to voice channel information and healing for someone else, especially when it is something you never knew before that is proved to be true by your audience!

Story by Onya Kerman:
"Each of my voice channeling experiences are profound and unique in their own way. I have received a variety of information, through myself and others, from deceased loved ones, angels, God, aliens, and about past lives.

During one workshop, I channeled in a small group with two ladies I didn’t know. I channeled Archangel Raphael for one of the women. She was able to ask questions and receive answers. I didn’t know that Archangel Raphael was someone that she specifically already followed!

For the other woman, another being spoke through me saying, “Hi, this is your five-year-old daughter.” Since I did not know this woman, I had no idea that she had a young daughter pass away several years ago. The spirit of this woman’s daughter gave loving messages to her mother. Telling her to stop hurting and stop having sad feelings about her.

For both women the channeling was so healing, they were in tears.

To have spirit come through me in this way and have the other women receive such wonderful healings, left me exhilarated and bubbly.”


Onya Kerman 325x325pxOnya Kerman, Practitioner Level 2
Voice channeling has added a lot more variety and spice to life!

Each time I take a class it’s like going up a staircase or elevator. Each time is more clearing. I am walking one-on-one with spirit. I am living from my soul more than my ego. I have more freedom, happiness, peace, joy and confidence that I take into day-to-day life. The changes are noticeable to me and the people around me.

I have felt and seen a tremendous transition of clarity and ease of channeling through the different workshops. Each workshop has been incrementally more clear and more profound. It is easier to connect with spirit than ever before. The obstacles, challenges, and resistance that I may have once had is shifting, as the veil gets thinner and thinner with each workshop. I am now a clearer channel.

Working with others in the workshops and free practice groups gives you a variety of experiences, which is something I really enjoy.

Voice channeling has changed me in a positive way. I am able to connect with spirit, be uplifted, be expanded and full of life. I’ve never experienced anything ill while connecting with spirit.

It’s also comforting to know that I am literally never alone.

Learning to voice channel has assisted me in meditation, going within and trusting my intuition more. It opened up my intuitive senses of hearing, feeling, seeing and knowing.

Miracle of Voice Channeling is in a class of its own!

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