After 29 Years I Felt My Mom Hugging MePractitioner Stories - After 29 Years, I Felt My Mom Hugging Me
Voice channeling stories from practitioners of our program

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Lena-Jo shares her life-altering experience of voice channeling her mother. This was the first time she experienced her mother’s embrace and direct guidance in twenty-nine years! Enjoy this touching story of a mother and daughter reunited, from the spirit world to the physical world.

Story by Lena-Jo Marin:
My mom had passed away when I was twelve but I felt like she was always very prevalent in my world from the spiritual realm. It was scary for years, on and off, being able to kind of connect and be connected to the spiritual world but not having anyone guiding me as to what was actually happening.

The first time I voice channeled, I voice channeled my mother. I remember being physically comforted and so overwhelmed that I initially couldn’t speak, as the tears were flying down my face. For the first time since I was twelve years old, and I am forty-one now, I felt that my mom was hugging me, that I was actually being embraced. I felt her within me as she was communicating. She gave me messages that were just beautiful.

It was very difficult to think I had gone so long without being able to feel that. I remember after I was done voice channeling, my body, which was completely frozen before, had been completely taken into a place of peace and healing. I physically felt more healing after voice channeling my mother than any kind of energy work session. I felt as though I stepped out of some regeneration type of machine. My body didn’t feel the same anymore and I felt completely healed. That opened my eyes to the fact that I knew I had experienced something that was 100% genuine and was in no way made-up. It was absolutely life-changing.

When I talk about this experience my heart starts racing and my body starts fluttering because it was so powerful.

The crazy part about it was literally less than a month before the workshop my fiancée had said, “Hey Lena, I want to go to a medium so I can talk to your Mom and Dad. Will you go to a medium with me so you can talk to your Mom?”

I said, “No, I’m good.”

And no joke, in less than a week, somehow it popped up, “Become a Medium” and that’s how I found out about Jason’s training.

Channeling my mother the first day of training was such a beautiful Godsend. She helped lay out the plan for me to be the medium, be the channel. I don’t need someone else to channel her and she wanted me to be the channel. That’s what’s so powerful about it. I was asked about mediumship from my fiancée, then a week later I saw and signed up for the training, and in less than a month there I was channeling my mother. I knew it was meant to happen and was only the beginning.

Over this last year that I’ve been voice channeling, I have come to have all these answers, but they have not been answered by somebody else, they’ve been answered from spirit and me listening to my heart. I have a whole new group of teachers now and none of them are in human form. It’s a beautiful concept!

I can truly say for this last year of my life that this is the first and only year of my life that I’ve truly left things up to God and spirit. I am not fighting what is to be or complaining about the bad or even the good. I am just allowing and learning the lessons I am meant to learn. We all have this support system.”


After 29 Years I Felt My Mom Hugging Me Lena-JoLena-Jo Marin, Practitioner Level 3
"The physical benefits of voice channeling are amazing!

When I am physically voice channeling I feel massive amounts of healing on a cellular level. It is like a transformation each time and is so desirable! It’s one of those things that I long for and look forward to the aftermath of the voice channeling because of the healing that it allows me. I may not go pay for a massage but I would voice channel and get the same benefits in a sense. The physical healing benefits are wonderful!

The other benefit for me, like other adults, is that not everybody has parents that they ask questions or look for guidance from. With voice channeling I have the ability to ask questions and receive guidance from spirt, who is completely neutral. I am not getting told anything I can’t handle. I can then take the guidance and do what I want with it. I don’t have to feel like I am unable to go and ask a friend or talk to somebody else because I can ask spirit and know I am going to get some kind of relief and guidance.

I’ve been the one who solved all the problems and figured everything out on my own. Now, it’s nice having a place I can ask for guidance, accept it, love it and know that is exactly what I need to hear, every time. It holds a genuine element of this is exactly what I needed to hear at this point in time for me to be more successful at being me.

It’s also big feeling that I’m not alone. When I don’t get to voice channel often I find myself feeling so much more disconnected than I ever felt before I started voice channeling. Now that I know what it feels like to be really connected there is a massive contrast. It’s not even that voice channeling takes so much effort, you just gotta show up and do it.

I love to help facilitate and work with others on their path too. That is one of my favorite things being that I am a teacher and educator. I really enjoy making those memories with someone else by giving them an environment where they feel safe and comfortable." – Lena-Jo Marin

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