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Voice channeling stories from practitioners of our program

Note from Jason:
Angela shares how the spirit of John Wayne gave her confirmation that she was really communicating with him! It’s a wonderful experience to receive information from spirit to help us and it’s also exciting for our personality to get further proof of spirit in our lives. This is one of many stories that Angela Washburn has. Enjoy!

Story by Angela Washburn:
"During my first week of voice channeling last month, I was voice channeling and heard a man's voice say ‘John.’ So I said ‘John’ out loud. Then I saw a silhouette of a cowboy on a horse riding alone with a sunset in the background, as if the sun had just gone down and the mountains were casting a shadow upon him so that he appeared as a silhouette. It was a pretty orang e and yellow sunset.

The next day I was wondering who this John was. Then the spirit came back to me to explain it. I hear in my head, ‘I’m John Wayne!’ Of course I am thinking to myself, ‘No way, John Wayne, you would have to prove that to me.’ Then I hear him say, ‘Look up lonesome cowboy or lonesome dove. You might have to do a little digging to find it.’

So I’m thinking to myself, ‘Could this be true?’

Later that night I decided to look these things up. I type into google John Wayne Lonesome and what pops up is John Wayne Lonesome Dove. So, I click that. The first thing to pop up is a Wikipedia link about the series Lonesome Dove that was written in 1971 and they wanted John Wayne to play the main character. Well, John Wayne had refused that part in the show. The show didn’t take off at that time so they tried it again in the 80's, and then Lonesome Dove became a series. Awesome, right? That was a little confirmation for me. But since his spirit told me, ‘You might have to do a little digging to find it,’ and the fact Lonesome Dove was the first link to pop up, no digging was required, I wasn’t totally sure if it was in fact John Wayne.

Later that night I went back to the computer, not expecting to find anything, and I typed Lonesome Cowboy. Quite a few John Wayne links popped up. None of them were catching my attention enough to click on them. I scrolled a little more and I found a video called The Lonesome Cowboy. It's a song. I clicked on it. About 4 seconds into this video there was the exact image that I had seen in my mind, the silhouette of a cowboy at sunset. Exactly how I had seen it in my mind. I was shocked!!

Once again, spirit smacked me with confirmation. I was indeed speaking with the spirit of John Wayne, the lonesome cowboy!!!! Awesome!!!!!! Thank you God and t hank you John!!!"

 Angela Washburn, Practitioner Level 3

The workshops are the most awesome classes EVER! I am shocked at how much I truly learned in them. They are absolutely AMAZING!! I wished for this gift since the first time I heard about ghosts and spirits when I was a little girl! Thank you for helping me refine my gift. That’s a blessing within itself. I owe so much thanks to Jason Nelson for helping me find my place in life.

Every day I notice myself, consciously and subconsciously, bettering myself, which totally shows to everyone around me. For once in my life I can actually say, "I LOVE MYSELF" and truly mean it.

Jason Nelson is such a GREAT TEACHER. Anybody who wants to be a medium, facilitator, voice channeler or for self-transformation should DEFINATELY take his classes! 100%!!! THANK YOU JASON!!!! Thank you for being the best teacher, ever!! I AM TRUELY GRATEF UL!”-Angela Washburn

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