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Voice channeling stories from practitioners of our program

Note from Jason:
Monica shares how voice channeling her spiritual guidance clarifies her life purpose and encourages her to continue on her path. This is a story about how we work with our spiritual guidance to manifest our full potential in the world!

Story by Monica Iglesias:
"As a claircognizant, I receive a lot of my angel messages as thoughts, ideas, and visions in my head. So I get skeptical at times and doubt if what I am receiving is in fact divine or originated by my own ego.

I had been seeking more of a deep, personal awareness, connection and relationship with my angels, guides and other's guides, when I met Jason Nelson. I have found Voice Channeling to facilitate this connection easily and effortlessly. With voice channeling, I have been able to “feel” the spirit or angel's presence embrace my energy field. I feel their unconditional love, peace, and healing energy. It is a beautiful and euphoric feeling.

Archangel Metatron is one who came through for me as I voice channeled. This was both a surprise and an honor for me when I felt what came from him. I have felt a great call to bring a message to the world through a children's book series entitled, “You Are A Powerful Creator, My Little One” by sharing my children's stories. I received very clearly that he was the one guiding me with sharing this powerful message with the world for the benefit of the children and those who work with children.

Through this voice channeling experience with Archangel Metatron, I felt the vision and influence of that message and the difference it would make in the world, along with a stronger resolv e and passion to continue.

Since then, there are 3 more series in the works, which is nearly 20+ books for this purpose!

Bringing a message to “the world” is no easy feat for one who is completely comfortable being a hermit in her own house. This has been a huge stretch for me. Yet when I embrace it, it is extremely fulfilling! This divine connection is what makes the greater good possible."


Voice Channeling Your Life Purpose Monica IglesiasMonica Iglesias, Practitioner Level 3
The biggest benefit to me has not only been for my own personal connection but also the ability to facilitate others to voice channel.

I've done Angel Readings as part of my spiritual gifts for about 4 years now, where I guide people to their personal angelic assistance. The technique in facilitating others to voice channel has been extremely useful with fulfilling this purpose to an even greater degree. It is able to get past ego/personality quickly and bring in a direct communication that is very healing for the receiver.

One example is when I went to visit a friend who had been in a really low spot for over a week and couldn't seem to shake it. You could say she was a wreck emotionally and physically. We could have talked all night as friends until we were blue in the face and never have resolved anything. But I felt drawn to ask h er if she would be open to voice channeling. After the experience, she was completely at peace and she had clarity to move forward in her life. This was her first experience with voice channeling and that 30-40 minutes made a night and day difference for her from something she hadn't been able to resolve for over a week.

I am truly grateful for Jason Nelson in stepping up to be his contribution to the world by bringing us the gift of Voice Channeling.” -Monica Iglesias

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