Closer to My Deceased Father Than When He Was AlivePractitioner Stories - Closer to My Deceased Father Than When He Was Alive
Voice channeling stories from practitioners of our program

Note from Jason:
Sandy’s story shows us many ways that our relationship with our deceased loved ones can greatly benefit us! Her relationship with her deceased father significantly deepened through the voice channeling process, to the point of her seeing him and feeling like he is not gone. This is different than how most people experience the spirit of a deceased love one, in a sporadic and less tangible way. Isn’t it a beautiful goal to have a relationship with spirit that feels as real and supportive as Sandy’s experience? I’m inspired!

Story by Sandy Vigil:
My dad’s been gone since 2007. He went very quickly and it was very unexpected. I never really got a chance to say good-bye. When we started voice channeling, I kept thinking, “May be Dad will come in, that’d be great, I’d love to see how he’s doing.” He had a very painful end and I wanted to make sure when he transitioned over that he was okay, that he’s much better off than he was here in his last years.

My intention one particular evening for voice channeling had nothing to do with my father. But all of the sudden I could just feel him, as if he was standing right behind me, and he came in and said “Hi.” He wanted me to know that he was doing okay, that he was happy, that he was healthy and felt good and all the pain and diseases that he had, once he crossed over, all of that’s gone. He wanted me to know that he checks on my sister. She is not sensitive to it, she isn’t aware he comes in, so sometimes he comes and gives me messages for her. He checks in on my daughter, and my daughter will feel him every now and again. But he hangs out with me quite a bit.

Because of me voice channeling him, now I can see him! I always considered sight to be one of my weakest gifts, but now he pops in regularly to see what I am doing. He particularly likes to watch me write.

When I first voice channeled him and heard his voice come out of my mouth—obviously I started balling because I couldn’t believe that it was him. He doesn’t talk a lot. My dad was always a strong, silent type; he was military. He called me “Sandra K.” with a southern draw and tells me, “I just stopped to say hi, and want you to know that I love you, and a reminder that I’m still keeping an eye on you.”

It’s like having a phone conversation with him for maybe 10 minutes. That’s exactly what it’s like. It’s like talking to Dad on the phone.

Once I got the information that Dad is in a great place, I expected there to be a closure. I t hought that would be it - close the book and it would be done. It has not closed the book. My grief that I felt for my dad passing isn’t really there anymore because he’s not gone. His energy lives on and voice channeling is a very real, tangible way of communicating with him. When I am voice channeling my dad, I can feel him, I can hear him, sometimes I can even smell him.

When my Dad was alive, the relationship was often times hindered by my own mother and now there is nothing hindering it at all. I actually feel closer to him now than I did while he was alive.

Recently I did my Dad’s side of the family tree. I feel like this gate has opened and I am getting messages from these people that are twelve generations away from me that I’ve never even heard of. It’s amazing that someone who died 300 years ago is in the spirit realm talking to me.


Closer to My Deceased Father Than When He Was Alive Sandy VigilSandy Vigil, Practitioner Level 2
The biggest benefit to me has been health oriented.

I was using a walker probably 90% of the time and I haven’t touched that walker since last November, when I took the first voice channeling workshop, Become a Medium. I’d say that 97-98% of the time I am doing things I couldn’t do years ago. Every time I hear the voice channeling meditation and processes, every time I go through it, whether I am guiding someone else or receiving guidance, it’s shifting my body, it’s making the pain reduce.

I don’t take pain medications anymore, at all, and I used to take twenty-one of them. It’s huge for me personally. As far as my outlook mentally, and how I feel about things, that has shifted a whole lot. I didn’t realize how much it shifted until friends started asking me, ‘What ’s different about you, you are glowing, you are shining, you are happier!’ Internally I feel much more at peace, my heart is just lighter and happy. I notice things like sunsets and I am more present in the moment and happy to be here right now, and I love that.

I have experienced writing unlike ever before. By utilizing voice channeling for writing, I have been writing this amazing story. It’s mind blowing.” -Sandy Vigil

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