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Note from Jason:
In Kevin’s story below, Spirit gives him and his wife proof by sharing something they did not know in a humorous way as Jerry Seinfeld, who by the way is very much alive and not deceased. In this case, it was the soul of the living person, Jerry Seinfeld, extending a part of its consciousness to contact Kevin and his wife. It is rare for an incarnated soul to contact someone in this way. Typically we are contacted by our nonphysical spirit guides.

Story by Kevin Ruben:
Tonight I guided my wife through voice channeling. Her first Spirit was serious and showed her some insightful information about life. Her second Spirit was... Seinfeld!! We were cracking up.

While channeling, she said the name starts with an S. I gently probed Spirit to share the whole name if it would like. She couldn’t stop laughing, which had us both laughing for a few minutes – she was being shown the name but couldn’t believe it so she didn’t want to say it. Finally, she said “Seinfeld.” We talked about chocolate babka and muffin tops and other topics familiar to us. Then:

Kevin Ruben (KR): Whatcha doin’ here today? Can I ... should I call you Jerry?
Jerry Seinfeld (JS): You can call me Mr. Seinfeld.
KR: Oh excuse me! Not Mr. Jerry Seinfeld?
JS: No, Seinfeld's alright for you.
KR: Alright, Seinfeld. Seinfeld! What's the message here? Come on, tell us a joke.
JS: Who keeps eating my cereal?
KR: I don't know!
JS: I buy cereal, I put it in the pantry, and every time I come home there's no cereal.
KR: What kind of cereal?
JS: Oh, it's my favorite, you know, Cheerios! I think it's Kramer. Kramer's eating all my cereal. He ate all my bananas.

We googled it afterwards and his favorite cereal on the show was Cheerios. My wife did not know this. She also had her doubts, as did I for months, about Spirit being real and able to be channeled. Spirit helped with this issue in a big way tonight... and gave us deep laughter, which we both needed as we are going through some major life changes. Voice channeling is not always serious – the message tonight was to lighten up, have fun, laugh, and trust.

PS - Yesterday Spirit had a message for me via a healer that joy is spiritual... to watch a comedy show or something that will make me laugh. My wife's fortune cookie tonight, before we began voice channeling: "A message from a distance is coming."

 Kevin Ruben, Practitioner Level 2

"Imagine every time you have a decision or an opportunity, you can receive clear guidance on making choices that best serve your Higher Self and therefore everyone else. This guidance comes from a Source deep within you, and you express it by speaking it. Whether you call it God, the Universe, Spirit, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Deceased Loved Ones, or your Higher Self, it’s all Energy and it’s all from the One Source. There are religions and other spiritual beliefs that caution you against doing this.

Jason’s method, which came to him by channeling and deepening his connection with his Divine, is of unconditional love only. There is nothing else. There is nothing to fear.

Channeling has given me freedom, confidence, security, greater faith, more joy, inspiration to take bold actions to grow, and strength to help others attain deeper meaning and purpose in their lives, to live their soul’s purpose. That’s my mission. The only way you can determine if it’s for you is to try it for yourself. Not long ago, I was one of the world’s biggest skeptics." -Kevin Ruben

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