DC Love 325x433pxPractitioner Stories - Angels and Joan Rivers
Voice channeling stories from practitioners of our program

Note from Jason:
Communicating with our spiritual guidance is important for everyone. For some people communicating messages from the spirit to people on this side of the veil is a huge part of their purpose. This program is now awakening in people around the world a calling to help others connect directly to their spiritual guidance for answers and healing. DC Love has an important purpose bridging the veil between the spirit world and the physical world and she seizes her abilities with the utmost love and reverence. What she shares with us today is just a few parts to her story with spirit.

Story by DC Love:
"Jason Nelson facilitated my first time voice channeling with the Voice Channeling technique. I took the full workshop in weekly one on one sessions with Jason since I was not able to travel to a workshop location.

Archangel Metatron spoke through me and it was very insightful. I felt a strong presence with him. He is really sweet, but a no nonsense Archangel. I used to call him Mr. Bossy Pants before I knew his name many months previously.

Voice Channeling Archangels and Deceased Children 325x405pxPractitioner Stories - Voice Channeling Archangel’s and Deceased Children
Voice channeling stories from practitioners of our program

Note from Jason:
It is exciting to voice channel information and healing for someone else, especially when it is something you never knew before that is proved to be true by your audience!

Story by Onya Kerman:
"Each of my voice channeling experiences are profound and unique in their own way. I have received a variety of information, through myself and others, from deceased loved ones, angels, God, aliens, and about past lives.

During one workshop, I channeled in a small group with two ladies I didn’t know. I channeled Archangel Raphael for one of the women. She was able to ask questions and receive answers. I didn’t know that Archangel Raphael was someone that she specifically already followed!

The Miracle of Voice Channeling Spirit Voice Channeling Spirit is a miracle during this time of our human evolution. Why, you may ask? It’s true that communicating directly with our spiritual guidance, through the voice channeling process, is an innate ability within everyone. But many consider it a miracle or supernatural gift because they believe some people are born with it and some aren’t.

I’ve taught voice channeling workshops for over a decade. You can imagine the shock people have when every attendee actually voice channels spirit. It is meant to be effortless. We are in the Age of the Soul, a time when the veil between the two worlds is becoming increasingly transparent, enabling more and more people to fully tap into their spiritual soul powers of healing, intuition, manifesting and channeling spirit. Let us celebrate this amazing time to be alive!

The turning point for humanity to achieve world peace and unconditional love will happen when each of us knows and embraces that we are souls in human bodies. We are spirits having human experiences on Earth.

The spirits we voice channel are quite similar to us in every way except they don’t have bodies. They are our friends and family we’ve known and traveled with for thousands of years, in most cases, and as spirit guides their sole purpose with you is to help!

What is Voice Channeling?

Voice Channeling is when you allow spirit into your energy field to communicate through your voice. You are in control AND you step back your consciousness to allow spirit to speak. It is like inviting a friend over to share space with you.

How does Voice Channeling benefit you?

Spirit Watches Seinfeld Kevin RubenPractitioner Stories - Spirit Watches Seinfeld!
Voice channeling stories from practitioners of our program

Note from Jason:
In Kevin’s story below, Spirit gives him and his wife proof by sharing something they did not know in a humorous way as Jerry Seinfeld, who by the way is very much alive and not deceased. In this case, it was the soul of the living person, Jerry Seinfeld, extending a part of its consciousness to contact Kevin and his wife. It is rare for an incarnated soul to contact someone in this way. Typically we are contacted by our nonphysical spirit guides.

Closer to My Deceased Father Than When He Was AlivePractitioner Stories - Closer to My Deceased Father Than When He Was Alive
Voice channeling stories from practitioners of our program

Note from Jason:
Sandy’s story shows us many ways that our relationship with our deceased loved ones can greatly benefit us! Her relationship with her deceased father significantly deepened through the voice channeling process, to the point of her seeing him and feeling like he is not gone. This is different than how most people experience the spirit of a deceased love one, in a sporadic and less tangible way. Isn’t it a beautiful goal to have a relationship with spirit that feels as real and supportive as Sandy’s experience? I’m inspired!