Is It Better To Give Than ReceiveYou may say, isn’t it better to give than to receive?

It is not better or worse in a nonjudgmental world, a world in which we do not live in.

Therefore, let us each be pillars of a new world where giving is just as important as receiving.

Self-centered = soul-centered = love-centered.

We are good to give and bad to receive. Isn’t this what we’re taught growing up?

Consequently, we grow up unable to receive love; we feel pain and wonder why we suffer in life. This perilous, unbeneficial generational inheritance of conditional receiving, mirroring conditional giving, leaves us with a world of conditional human beings who are trying to find their way to love.

Instead, give out of a feeling of self-fulfillment, not out of obligation or duty. Receive because you deserve everything, without a need to give anything in return. To truly feel completion with the giving and receiving of love, do it without strings attached; do it unconditionally.


© 2015 Jason Nelson

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