What will happen in 2012What will happen in the year 2012?

Will there be catastrophe?

Will there be unprecedented spiritual enlightenment?

Will the monetary and government institutions dissolve?

Will extraterrestrials make themselves known to Earth?

Will a messiah be shown to the world?

The 2012 prophecy is not what the majority of spiritual seekers have made it out to be.

2012 is a number that was given to Mayan Shamans by Spirit to signify an era, an era we are in now, have been in, and will continue to be in for years.

This era of time is unlike any other since Souls began incarnating on this planet many eons ago. We should not rely on 2012 as a definitive time; there is a larger window of time where several things are happening.

Most of the aforementioned questions will happen, just not specifically during the year 2012 as some have represented.

An exhorbent amount of advanced souls from other parts of the universe have been coming to Earth for decades now. The veil between the physical and nonphysical worlds is becoming thinner as each moment goes by and our spiritual team or guides are increasing their influence on our lives. It is truly an amazing time to be alive!


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#10 Nigel Kendall 2011-02-27 14:00
God helps those who help themselves. Believe in God the Creator of this world and its inhabitants. Nothing happens unless God motivates it but He has given us free will and so we can decide our own fate in what we do. If we are failing and feel inadequate to cope anymore tell God and He will save us from the fall out of our own mistakes.That is the Way.
#9 laura 2010-09-12 13:12
I completely agree, it is now and it is so powerful. I can feel it and see it all around me as people that I know exclaim their personal joy of connection with the spiritual realm. It is an exciting and transformational time.
#8 Cherie 2010-08-29 21:14
Isn't 2012 merely a mathematical calculation for the alignment of certain celestial bodies that happens only once in a specific number of (hundreds of thousands of) years?
If so, wouldn't our main concern be actual physical changes in the solar system that could affect our planet, rather than astrological significance? Of course, any natural disaster that affected thousands of lives would significantly alter our personal "reality" as well, and therefore physical changes could indeed usher in a new "era".
#7 Paganrose 2010-04-04 08:09
I agree with the union of all people to focus on ensuring a lighthearted approach to a date that has been calculated as a end of the earth's rotation cycle. Out with the old and in with the new as they say and so should the approach to life with 2012 and beyond. There are many dramas that are happening all over the world now and occurred in the past and I believe that the stream of mass consciousness is changing to reflect a more caring society because of this. And it would seem that the society is evolving in line with this. Look at our history, are we still keeping black slaves, are we still burning woman at the stakes etc etc. Yes we are still waring with each other, but that is imbred human nature to continue to gain power and dominate, this seems to be a universal issue amongst men. As indicated in the Universal Laws, if the mass consciousness focuses on the positive aspects to change and common unity, then whatever effects that 2012 may bring, won't be much of an impact, but a start to a better, improved and loving society, for our youths and their generations. Whatever comes I hope that I have done my part to contribute to a more positive influence to myself and my environment for the sake of my children and my future generations.
#6 andy 2009-12-26 05:00
2012 is just a time reference for this period of change.We find ourselves today at the frontier between two epochs: that of Kali Yuga and that of the New Era that we are entering.

A gradual improvement is already occurring in the thoughts, sentiments and acts of humans, but everybody will soon be subjugated to divine Fire, that will purify and prepare them in regards to the New Era. Thus man will raise himself to a superior degree of consciousness, indispensable to his entrance to the New Life. That is what one understands by “Ascension”.

The best and only thing that man can do now is to turn towards God and improve himself consciously, to elevate his vibratory level, so as to find himself in harmony with the powerful wave that will soon submerge him.

The Fire of that accompanies the new conditions offered to our planet, will rejuvenate, purify, reconstruct everything: the matter will be refined, your hearts will be liberated from anguish, troubles, incertitude, and they will become luminous; everything will be improved, elevated; the thoughts, sentiments and negative acts will be consumed and destroyed.
Under the earth, something extraordinary is preparing itself. A revolution that is grandiose and completely inconceivable will manifest itself soon in nature. God has decided to redress the earth, and He will do it!

It is the end of an epoch; a new order will substitute the old, an order in which Love will reign on earth.”
#5 George 2009-11-09 16:55
2012? Make 2010, 11, 12, 13 ... and the whole decade SPECIAL.

Me? I'll be busy spreading the word. Life-caring is a beautiful, person-sized simple vision, a welcome change from recent history.

But sensationalism is the old way. Instead we can decide to start, say in 2010, to create a loving and Earth-friendly existence ***right in our own life, family and home***. That can and is spreading far. It's entirely within our own decision and control. What *an upgrade in life quality to Earth-friendly*! Try saying that again, too. Better: write it beautifully - or something inspiring about it - permanently on your wall, somehow. (yes, really)

TO DO, STARTER LIST We can learn first to *meditate and still the mind. Piles of benefits to job, relationships, mental joy and relaxation right there. Getting more real and stress free. Then *a check-list of things to reduce harm in the home and increase our health and well being. It's worth *sitting down together and planning that list, however small; next *contemplating how beautiful where you live could be. It's worth building up a mental picture of it starting today - then thru regular sit down, closed eyes meditation on it. Build, build that home and lifestyle, first in the mind.

Especially *turning down transfixing dumb TV and computer stuff and turning up the energising channels and sites with inspiring material for 2010 to 2020 - by which time the turnaround on our green planet will have taken place. Let's each of us start seeing it!

That's enough to be getting on with, dear fellow Earth Citizens.

All love, George JoinNow.org
#4 Sandra 2009-11-06 01:06
the earth will not be ending. This is a symbol of a time of rebirth for mankind. As we reunite with God and return our Earth to a splendid pristine paradise with our very own hands. We wake from dreams of disillusionment, first only a few thousands are waking now hearing true messages with their hearts. And pretty soon others will catch on and then it will be in the hundred thousands then the millions. we will not leave this Earth until we have finished our original purpose given to us by god. That is to understand his creations and to fill this earth and turn it into flourishing gardens. Onc this whole planet is covered this way our mind our understanding will complete itself and we will be ready to create life for ourselves on other planets. First we must start here. We haven't gotten that part yet though.
#3 Jason Nelson 2009-08-24 20:23
We can be certain that there will be Earth changes and people will leave Earth as a result. It won't happen on one day. It will actually happen this century though. We will have a phenomenon called environmental refugees as icecaps continue to melt and regions reliant on the seasonal run off for water, and to produce food, find a perpetual drought. Unfortunately people will die as a result. Solution: big thing is to begin implementing desalinization systems at coasts and pump the water inland. There will be a growing technology that pulls water from the air as well. But most of all what we need is to unify as a world, and start helping every citizen as ourselves.
#2 Chris 2009-08-24 17:50
To be honest I'm kinda hoping for an apocalypse...i think it would be really fun....so long as no one got hurt :-) It's probably a very silly and selfish thing to hope for, but its just kind of a silly goose idea.
#1 Jen 2009-08-21 15:22
this is what I have always sensed,and have never worried about the "apocalyptic' predictions/fear mongering. I know we are experiencing these times now...although the energy is increasing...and for those sensitive to Spirit's actions...sense the growing energy...and what feels like urgency...but more an awareness and understanding of things to come...