What are soul fragmentsCan our soul fragment due to emotional trauma as some healers would believe?

The soul doesn't fragment or carry emotional trauma with it after death. The soul has no imbalances because it is a spiritual energy.

We, as a soul, do not carry with us any physical human energies such as the mental, emotional or sexual fields.

These types of energies are experienced very differently when a soul is absent of a physical body.

Is abortion bad I’m going to reply from what spirit has said to me about abortion.

Abortion violates natural laws of procreation, but then everyone on the planet is violating natural universal laws.

So where is the line drawn?

The soul of an unborn child does not claim the body and expect to be born until the six month mark.

Until then, the fetus is simply a growth inside the mother. The soul is not completely latched into the body until the baby’s first breath.

Are dream symbols universal in meaningSince the dawn of time, human curiosity has contemplated the meaning of dreams.

Are there universal symbols that decipher our dreams for us, as many dream interpretation books would have us believe?

We are all unique, with different perspectives about existence, especially our emotional and mental makeup. Therefore, no, there is not a universal book of dream symbols that mean the same for everyone.

Is it realistic to strive for enlightenment Striving toward enlightenment is a goal of millions but is it important or even realistic to become enlightened?

What does it mean to you?

Really, the unattainable goal of being only happy is disheartening for many who want so much to escape their ‘bad’ emotions that indicate they are not enlightened--emotions like anger and fear.

This common path to enlightenment is sending a message to humanity by spiritual leaders that in order to be ‘good’ or enlightened, one must attain a goal, which by its very definition (to transcend emotions like anger, fear and jealousy) dehumanizes the individual, causing them to be ungrounded and lose valuable life experiences.

What's the perfect dietDoes a perfect particular diet have a mass benefit for mankind?

Vegans preach that animal products are unhealthy.

Carnivores preach that a vegan diet is unhealthy.

Raw foodists proclaim that cooked food is toxic, and Breatharians believe eating at all is poisonous based on the belief that conventional food has pesticides and organic food has parasites.

So what is the perfect diet?

These diets are like diet clubs. People like to feel a part of a club or something they believe in, but the perfect diet is different for each person and for each the perfect diet changes with time.