What will happen in 2012What will happen in the year 2012?

Will there be catastrophe?

Will there be unprecedented spiritual enlightenment?

Will the monetary and government institutions dissolve?

Will extraterrestrials make themselves known to Earth?

Will a messiah be shown to the world?

The 2012 prophecy is not what the majority of spiritual seekers have made it out to be.

2012 is a number that was given to Mayan Shamans by Spirit to signify an era, an era we are in now, have been in, and will continue to be in for years.

Does positive thinking workThe 'positive thinking' movement has helped people and in other ways, it has left believers deflated, feeling like failures.

Why, because 'positive thinking' is not a law-of-the-land that if you consciously intend something, it will manifest.

In fact, it is quite egotistical to think that you are to barrel through life creating your desires without a thought of the unified field of humanity, much less, the greater intention of your soul.

A closer look at how manifesting actually works will show you that only ten percent of your life is manifested by your conscious intentions and about 90 percent is created by your unconscious mind, much of which could be creating against your 'positive thinking.'

Do psychic vampires existPsychic Vampires is a very important subject in the metaphysical community. Many people empower the idea that energy draining people can suc life out of you. The victim collective thought mentality creates one to be in a continual state of guard and protection.

Have you heard of the various forms of protection from stones to amulets and affirmations to most people's favorite protection: white light?

Beliefs of safeguards blocking beliefs of energy attackers is a no win, disempowering cycle with no end.

What is damnation and will I end up thereThe stories of hell and damnation are interesting and even entertaining at times but for these things to exist would mean that God is judgmental and that just simply is not so.

Who decides your fate?

You do. You are responsible for deciding where you go and what you do now and after your body dies, though, it won't be to a fire pit for eternal torment; it just doesn't exist.

When your physical body ceases to be, you move on and ultimately continue living forever.

What is the emotional hierarchyOn our journey of ups and downs we tend to view the downs as actual downs in worth, vibration, importance, value and ultimately acceptance.

The emotional hierarchy embraced by humanity places an extreme pressure on people to move up the hierarchy to 'better' emotions or a 'better' emotional place.

To live by this idea is dangerous, very dangerous. This is a slippery slope leading one on an impossible journey of creating the perfect feeling or emotion of their life experience.

The collective of humanity has judged emotions as good or positive and other emotions as bad or negative. They are just emotions . . . all good . . . all important . . . and all equally valuable.