What is damnation and will I end up there The stories of hell and damnation are interesting and even entertaining at times but for these things to exist would mean that God is judgmental and that just simply is not so.

Who decides your fate?

You do. You are responsible for deciding where you go and what you do now and after your body dies, though, it won't be to a fire pit for eternal torment; it just doesn't exist.

When your physical body ceases to be, you move on and ultimately continue living forever.

What is the emotional hierarchyOn our journey of ups and downs we tend to view the downs as actual downs in worth, vibration, importance, value and ultimately acceptance.

The emotional hierarchy embraced by humanity places an extreme pressure on people to move up the hierarchy to 'better' emotions or a 'better' emotional place.

To live by this idea is dangerous, very dangerous. This is a slippery slope leading one on an impossible journey of creating the perfect feeling or emotion of their life experience.

The collective of humanity has judged emotions as good or positive and other emotions as bad or negative. They are just emotions . . . all good . . . all important . . . and all equally valuable.

Is there only one way to GodMost any religious or spiritual teacher or devotee believes that their way is the best way to the ultimate spiritual goal.

Usually the goal is to God's arms, God's heaven or God's realm. At the very least the goal is to experience inner peace or enlightenment.

Whatever the goal of a teaching may be, usually the teachers insinuate that their way is THE way.

If you disagree with this concept, dig deeper into your practice and teacher's belief about this.

Do evil spirits existIf I had a nickel for every time someone asked me "well what about the negative spirits . . . what about the evil ones," I would have quite a coin collection.

I'm deeply sorry that this world has been so misguided for so long as to the nature of spirit. The genuine loving nature of spirits has been split into two sides: light and dark, good and bad, positive and negative, right and evil.

Boy has this one concept held humanity back for so, so long.

Please understand the FACT that God has created every spirit and every spirit is GOOD abiding by all universal laws under unconditional love.

What is karmaKarma is such an interesting concept. Though viewpoints differ, the majority will tend to agree that Karma is the 'cause and effect' of every action. Many times the definition of karma extends into a punishment reward system.

Karma, as well intentioned as the philosophers were who created it, is a fear-based, judgmental concept constricting, contracting and, in some cases, enslaving people who believe in it.

The idea of every word and action in this life being counted by some heavenly abacus is accurate. All actions, thoughts and for that matter experiences that have ever happened or will happen are recorded in the fabrics of creation.