What is dualityHow many times have you determined that you or another were wrong, or right for that matter?

Have you experienced this duality of wrong and right daily, hourly or every moment of your life?

Duality is the concept and experience of life where one chooses to judge people, places and things. In doing so, one takes sides with either the right side or the wrong side.

This is usually not something that is turned off and on like a light switch at will. Typically one lives from duality (ego) consciousness or they live from soul (unity) consciousness.

Does wisdom come with ageTrue wisdom is innate. We are born with it and exude it from birth. It is always available to us, if we choose to tap into it, channeled directly from our spiritual selves—the soul.

Humanity tends to perceive the source of wisdom as experiences collected through one’s life that give one a greater understanding of human interaction and situations.

The limitation of learned wisdom is it is acquired within the confines of the conditioned human experience and may be a colored version of universal truth.

Some might say learned wisdom is the most practical because it is a known, something they’ve experienced many times.

Do lucky charms workFour leaf clovers, rabbit's feet and other lucky charms have absolutely no direct effect on our luck but there is something that does, your thoughts.

Lucky charms are really thought charms because their effect is produced by people's thoughts about them.

If you believe a charm will produce a certain result, your belief will co-create that result.

If you believe a broken mirror will give you misfortune, your belief will co-create misfortune.

If a NFL player believes not washing his underwear will help him in the game, it probably will. Not because he's experienced success while wearing them, but because his belief that they will help him.

Does positive thinking workThe 'positive thinking' movement has helped people and in other ways, it has left believers deflated, feeling like failures.

Why, because 'positive thinking' is not a law-of-the-land that if you consciously intend something, it will manifest.

In fact, it is quite egotistical to think that you are to barrel through life creating your desires without a thought of the unified field of humanity, much less, the greater intention of your soul.

A closer look at how manifesting actually works will show you that only ten percent of your life is manifested by your conscious intentions and about 90 percent is created by your unconscious mind, much of which could be creating against your 'positive thinking.'

Do psychic vampires existPsychic Vampires is a very important subject in the metaphysical community. Many people empower the idea that energy draining people can suc life out of you. The victim collective thought mentality creates one to be in a continual state of guard and protection.

Have you heard of the various forms of protection from stones to amulets and affirmations to most people's favorite protection: white light?

Beliefs of safeguards blocking beliefs of energy attackers is a no win, disempowering cycle with no end.