2008 to 2009 ShiftA Call to Action for The New Year

The greatest shift in a long time, quite possibly since the attacks on American soil in 2001, is the shift happening from September 2008 through January 2009. This great time we have been in the last several months, and will continue to be in for another few months, is about making a difference on this planet by reclaiming the abilities of your soul and stepping into it's destiny on Earth.

We all share a common fundamental experience: the time to unify is now. We feel it, see it, hear it and know it. It's impossible to ignore it. It is everywhere, even in the wars and conflict throughout the world.

For some reason everyone is noticing through every sensory stimulation that the time for change has already come. Now it is up to us to decide if we want to participate in it. Many people have decided yes I will participate in this change from ego to soulful living.

Make a list of the ways you have considered living differently than you did one year ago. You are a completely different person. Now look around you. See how others have significantly changed.

The tide has come and it is taking people out into the vast sea of universal unifying consciousness whether people acknowledge it or not.

We have an ability to be aware and seize the great precious energy that is carrying us, and for those who don't, well, that is definitely another story-one of tragedy.

For those who are holding onto the shore as the universal tide is carrying them away will literally feel as though they are being ripped apart; some will die.

Who do you know that has held on to their past selves and has paid the price for it? Observation is essential to really grasping the sincerity of this energy upon us right now. Yield to it, surrender to it. Make it your moral obligation to exemplify heroism to the world, and most importantly to the children, by stepping into your soul's greatest purpose right now!

The world is changing. The wave of energy is building to its peak. By January 15th you will feel the weight of this energy crest.

In the meantime, utilize the opportunity to discover what is left within you that is of the old, egotistical world. Even changing one seemingly small thing in your life that you wouldn't have changed one year ago is monumental for we cannot judge ourselves based on other people's performance.

Take steps you normally wouldn't take. When you receive an intuitive thought to do something, do it without thinking about it.

2009 is the time of timelessness. It seems as though time becomes blurred without your thought of it. One minute you are engaged in the moment and the next moment is actually two hours away or an entire day has passed! The distortion of time is unparalleled to this window we are in now. Also, your emotional movement seems heavy at times but really it's moving quickly too. Your rate of processing is substantially accelerated. Again, take advantage of this great opportunity to reveal, process and release energy that doesn't serve you anymore.

Most importantly, team up with others. Your assignment is to build a team of at least three of you to support each other in this incredible time we are in for as we forge ahead together as one spirit, as one Earth, as one hope, we will fulfill the prophecy that world peace is near. Your life has been exciting, now accept it is unimaginable!


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#2 Jason Nelson 2010-11-19 17:29
Comment by Jason: Interesting Nikolaos. We are waking up and it will be fast enough, in my opinion, to divert total destruction of this planet. The human species will survive and live on, though it may be a bumpy ride for a bit here.
#1 Nikolaos Pizanias 2009-11-26 08:21
Yes - the world is certainly racing ahead to a climax and crescendo. But I´m not so sure I want to be there to see it. The population of the Earth is increasing logaritmically, and so is the taxation on the natural resources. For eons, the worlds population was around 0.5 to 1 billion people. In only 100 years, we are now numbering more than 6.3 billions. At the same time every person is using more and more resources. When will it end? How will it end? How long can it last?

If everyone was to follow a peaceful lifestyle, more or less vegan and recycling everything and consuming as little as possible - our Earth could carry more than 100 billion people. But it´s not going to happen anytime soon. And even if it is possible, there is no whatsoever "end in itself" to have 100ds of humans on Earth.

How can the catastrophe be avoided?