How-to-coach-yourself-through-anything-in-2-stepsHave you been wondering how you can coach yourself through your own challenges? Life is tough and being able to help yourself is extremely empowering.

This may be something you’ve considered if, 1. You believe you can get yourself through any obstacle. 2. You don’t want to pay someone to help you. 3. You are not yet comfortable sharing vulnerable parts of yourself with another person. Or, 4. You already work with a coach but there are times that you need to help yourself between coaching sessions.

Whatever your reason for wanting to coach yourself, the biggest question is HOW to do it effectively.

I am going to peel back the curtain for you to get my simple approach to coaching right now! You can lead yourself through this at any time.

#1 Step into the Soul-Based Observer

Being soul-based happens when we are love-based, understanding, accepting, harmonious, trusting, listening to and following intuition, patient and humble. (For a full list of soul-based vs. ego-based qualities, see pages 63-64 in my book Empower Our Children.)

Being the observer means you take a step back from the scenario, and from your emotions and thoughts, so you can better observe objectively and intuitively what is actually happening. When you are observing from this neutral place, you are watching and not participating. You are noticing what is happening without taking part in it.

Therefore, being a Soul-Based Observer means you are stepping back into a soul-centered, loved-centered, neutral observing space. To do this you’ll want to take several slow, deep breaths from the bottom of your belly, visualizing your consciousness moving down into your feet and beyond. Feel calm and grounded in your body.

You may find that you first need to express what is upsetting or challenging you before moving into being a Soul-Based Observer. I recommend you do one of the following:

1. Journal all of your feelings and thoughts about what is upsetting or challenging you.

2. Audio record yourself talking out your feelings and thoughts about what is upsetting or challenging you.

3. Think it through. Within your own mind imagine speaking with someone you are comfortable communicating your feelings and thoughts to.

When people need to express what is upsetting them, they want an outlet, something or someone to receive that expression. Some people may like calling a friend to vent their frustrations. At times it can be helpful to have someone to commiserate with. It is also healthy to process things out and express them with ourselves. We have the tools we need available to us in every moment.

Once you’ve cleared out your inner screaming child and feel as though you’ve been heard, through journaling, recording yourself or thinking it through it your mind, you are now in a place to move into the Soul-Based Observer. Here you will feel more peace, calm, and love for yourself and other people.

#2 Imagine what your soul would say

While in the Soul-Based Observer, you will now look at the situation that is upsetting or challenging and ask yourself –

• How would my understanding soul see this?
• What would my loving soul do in this situation?
• How would my patient soul respond to this?

Imagine what your soul might say. That part of you that is pure love. The part that does not fear or judge; the part that does not want to prove or be proven right or wrong; the part that doesn’t blame, react, reject, force, control, or try to fix anything. Give yourself the space and time to imagine how your soul would see the situation. What would your soul do? How would your soul respond? Allow this insight to come to you. After it comes, decide if you would like to participate with your soul’s insight.

That’s it! This is the basic process that can give you profound insight and peace with any challenge you are facing.

Does your soul want additional support?

If you find that you’ve taken yourself through this process and there is more to resolve than you are able to do on your own, you’ll want to work with a coach who can help you get to the root issue of your challenges. What’s tough is that many coaches, psychologists and counselors don’t know how to get someone to the root of their troubles. Have you had that experience? I have! The only person able to get me to the root of my own challenges consistently was Katherine Beck, my late coach and mentor. It’s rare to have true root-level movement in just one coaching session but I know how to do it. My clients have told me on multiple occasions that what took years with other professionals happens with me in one session.

Everyone benefits from a coach. We all need physical support and the nonphysical support of our spiritual guidance. If you want someone to help you, we can set up a complimentary coaching consultation. The investment to coach with me starts at a few hundred dollars per month. I truly want to help you move past surviving to thriving in every way. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 310-929-5993 to schedule your consultation. You can also learn more on my coaching page

Integrate being the Soul-Based Observer by reading Chapter 8: Soul-Based Living in Empower Our Children: God’s Call to Parents, How to Heal Yourself and Your Children.

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