Your Purpose in the Age of the Soulnew We are in the Age of the Soul, a time that has been talked about for millennia. This age began last century and will continue for a thousand years. In this time, people are waking up to their spiritual nature, their soul.

What does the Age of the Soul mean?

God speaks through me, directly to you the reader, in Age of the Soul. I’ve included some excerpts below of God’s message.

“The Age of the Soul simply means that every individual at this time in history has a unique opportunity to understand, connect and live from their soul. Living from the soul means that you will be living from clear love, the expression of your soul; whereas, the personality has experienced unclear love. When the personality and soul align, you will have an experience beyond your imagination. It is called the Initiation of the Soul and will be discussed later.”

“In the Age of the Soul, this next one thousand years, you will find more people removing things from their lives that are not in alignment with their soul’s love. You may always go to your soul to know love. It is required to know the soul in order to know God.”

Why is the Age of the Soul important to you?

“An engagement is happening that you, as a soul, agreed to at this time. This agreement is your participation in the evolution of Earth’s consciousness. The perspective of Earth has been unclear or colored for so long that you doubt the ability of God to live amongst you. I have always been with you, and in this Age of the Soul you will experience my presence more than ever.”

“After this evolutionary period, if you choose to incarnate on Earth, you will be born into a completely balanced world with no murder, hatred or corrupt governing bodies over countries that choose war over peace.”

How do you know your soul’s purpose and live from it?

We each have a very important role in the Age of the Soul that no other soul can fulfill. Believe you do and expect to know your unique purpose at this time and God will begin to reveal it to you.

If you were to imagine your soul’s message to the entire world, what would you imagine your soul would say? This message is the inner essence of your purpose.

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All excerpts in this article are from Age of the Soul: A New Way of Living from Your Soul which is channeled by God through Jason Nelson using the process of automatic writing or channeled writing. To learn how to write your own divinely communicated book through private sessions with Jason, visit:


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