Initiation of the Soul

We have come to an era in the evolution of the human species where we are being invited to live from our spiritual nature, our soul.

The point at which we are living from our soul more than from the absence of our soul, or ego-based living, is called the Initiation of the Soul.

Living from the nature of our soul the majority of the time means our choices and perceptions about life, ourselves, others and God are from the soul-based perspective. This does not mean we won't ever react or judge, or participate in ego-based actions. It simply means that the times you are in your ego, you are aware of it and watch it happen from the observant soul.

My Story with the Initiation of the Soul

My story with the Initiation of the Soul really started when I began working with my teacher, mentor and friend, Katherine Beck. She came into my life six months after my epiphany with God, where I was given my purpose, simple universal lessons and shown a prophetic look into my future. One such prophecy was meeting Katherine.

After meeting Katherine, she began working with me every day to reveal and transform the limiting beliefs and emotional blocks that I had. And I had many. I had so many fears that were prohibiting me, not only from living a peaceful, joyful life, but also from truly permitting my soul to be in the driver’s seat.

After three years of working with Katherine almost every day, I experienced the Initiation of the Soul.

It happened in 2005 after a year and a half of living in Utah. I was getting ready to come back to Los Angeles, and I was also in the process of leaving a relationship. My soul asked me to give my girlfriend and business partner the entire business I had invested thousands in. Let it all go. This is when I had the opportunity to unconditionally love and give and essentially act from my soul's guidance, even though my personality could not understand why.

What I was being asked to do had no reason. It felt uncomfortable. But I chose to follow my soul anyway.

In that moment, the immense challenge presenting itself created an enormous opportunity for me. . .

I argued with my soul and my soul prevailed, so to say. You know the soul is in the driver’s seat when your personality is challenged so much that you argue with yourself, but in the end you choose your soul’s voice.

Even though the personality may kick, scream and fuss, your soul would ultimately have the final say.

When in your life has your personality wanted something different than your soul and you had to make a choice? Which did you choose?

Remember that we are all doing our best and are here to learn from and support one another.

In the coming articles I will show you how you can live from your soul’s nature, one step at a time.

I invite you to share your challenges and celebrations, as well as the exercises you are using to live from your soul. Sharing helps us to integrate our own transformations and helps others to do the same!


© 2015 Jason Nelson

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