5 Steps to Make 2010 the Best Year of Your LifeWe all want to have the greatest next year; I know I do.So how can we achieve the best year possible for 2010?

Below is a simple five step list that will assist you in targeting the things that serve your higher purpose in 2010 and the things that do not.

If you are not clear about how to make 2010 the best year of your life, you will be much clearer after reading this article.

1. REFLECT: Reflect on the opportunities you seized this past year.

By reflecting on the opportunities that we actually seized in the past year, we build a template for what works and how. People sometimes focus on what doesn’t work, which is useful to a degree, but when we really want to manifest what does work, then we focus on how it feels and looks when something does work.

2. CREATE: Create a new life list of what you want to achieve in your new year.

When you create a list of all the things you want to achieve and experience in the coming new year, be as specific as possible. The more specific you detail your desires, the clearer power you have to manifest them. Refer back to your list from Step 1 and think about what patterns you had this past year that allowed you to succeed. Figure out how to apply them to your list of what you want to achieve next year.

3. LET GO: Let go of people, places, and things that aren’t supporting your new year.

Though it may be the hardest thing to let go of what is not supporting or lifting you into your new year experiences, do it. It comes down to seeing everything as neutral so you can make objective decisions about what goes and what stays. When it comes to people close to you like family, just see them as people. Mom’s a person, siblings are people. People tend to create a sense of obligation around close relationships, that because this person has this title or known them for a period of years that they owe it to them to sacrifice their own truth for the other person’s.

When we are able to completely detach from every person, place and thing, we can be truly open to what our higher calling is guiding us to do.

4. RECEIVE: Invite and receive into your life people, places, and things that support your new year.

After you are clear on what you want to achieve and what isn’t supporting your aspirations, ask questions like: Where am I to go? Who am I to be with? What am I to have to take my life to the next level and create the greatest year ever? Take this list and make action steps for how you will successfully bring these people, places, and things into your life.

5. CELEBRATE: Celebrate your new year and new life by feeling, seeing, knowing and owning it.

The awareness of what is supporting your new year is followed by putting your greatest creative power behind it to manifest it. Meditate with the new life list of what you want to achieve for 2010 and the people, places and things that will manifest it.

Use the following exercise to get into a clear space to put your greatest power behind it: "Celebrating is different from Affirming." Celebrating is sharing joy for what is so, while Affirming is wanting something to be so. Celebrate your new life and new year by feeling it, seeing it, knowing it’s manifesting, and owning that it has manifested. Then it's simply a matter of watching it tangibly happen, which is not a matter of if, but when. Be patient and enjoy watching your best year unfold!


© 2015 Jason Nelson

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#3 Ram Nabar 2011-02-17 07:36
Jason, Great stuff.... Thanks for becoming a follower, I should be following you :-)

#2 Jason Nelson 2010-11-19 17:14
Comment by Jason: The best things in life are simple. Let's celebrate an even better 2011!!!
#1 Shannon 2010-01-03 01:57
So simple, so beautiful, so now - yet sometimes, so hard. A world filled with empowered people living that truth is almost here. Thank you for sharing the light!