Make the Law of Attraction Work to Manifest Your Souls Purpose316x188 This video lesson will show you how to make the Law of Attraction work every time to manifest your soul’s purpose.

Your subconscious mind and soul’s purpose are two essential, and rarely talked about, aspects of the Law of Attraction that you must understand to achieve the greatest success possible.

In this video lesson:

• Law of Attraction defined
• Why the law of attraction doesn’t always work - what was missing from the movie “The Secret”
• Getting the conscious and subconscious mind on the same page
• Creating what’s in alignment with your soul’s purpose
• The difference between our soul and our personality
• Why you have spiritual guidance and what they do
• Getting into the “flow” of life
• Making the Law of Attraction work for you

How Spirit Guides You With A Focus Point 325x433Our spiritual guidance must work with us where we are. This means that guiding us from Point A to Point B can be a nonlinear, convoluted path.

You may get the intuition or direct spiritual guidance through voice channeling, to take a certain action to receive an outcome, although, the outcome you are given might not at all be what Spirit has planned for you, even though they give you direction for that outcome.

In 2002 God came to me in a vision and spoke to me that I was to move from Woodland Hills, California to Salt Lake City, Utah. It was very clear and I was told to take action the next day. The truth is that I was meant to end up in St. George, Utah, but I had never heard of St. George, so Spirit had to work with what I did know as a reference to get me where they wanted me to go.

How Spirit got me to St. George involved other people. When I told my 83 year old spiritual teacher Katherine Beck that Spirit told me to move to Salt Lake City, she tuned in with her spirit guide Mario and Mario told her to move to Salt Lake City with me. In order for her to go, she needed other people to join us to drive her, and so others joined our expedition to Salt Lake City.

When we arrived in Salt Lake City on Christmas Eve and dined at a restaurant, our waitress told Katherine that we’d enjoy St. George much better. Katherine took that as a sign from Spirit. We ended up moving to St. George, Utah, where the ‘red carpet’ was truly rolled out for me in the most miraculous, effortless way. Step-by-step Spirit was there guiding me directly through each door. It requires incredible faith to trust and follow Spirit in this way.

Materialized Spirit ArticleNon-physical spirits took PHYSICAL form in front of me.

I heard each distinct voice, the different shoes, and from where they were speaking, I could tell they had various heights.

Materialization is typically done in a blacked out room because of the sensitivity of the energy used to create a physical vessel for the spirit.

The hand of William, a materialized spirit, reached out and grasped the top of my head with his large, warm hand. His fingers touched the sides of my head while his palm was placed firmly on top. He massaged my scalp! William was very large in stature as his voice came from a tall being above me.

Spirit Materialization is currently a rare event but it has been happening for hundreds of thousands of years. It was taught from a materialized spirit that when Jesus had “risen”, he had actually materialized, after his body died, to meet with his followers and guide them.

PHOTO: This photo is an example of a séance where they materialized a spirit. It is not the event I attended. The physical medium whose séance I attended is David Thompson.

5 Practical Ways to Use Channeled Writing Automatic Writing Channeling is a natural way to be in alignment with our soul’s purpose on earth. It is how we can connect and get to know Spirit.

Spirit is a word encompassing all spiritual assistance we have and the Spirit realm in general. Spirit includes God, Source, Angels, spirit guides, deceased loved ones and our own soul. Spirit can give us advice and open our life up to opportunities that we would never consider on our own!

When we channel Spirit, our mind moves out of the way and we watch it all take place with little interaction. We may butt in and make a comment, ask a question, or we may even get clear enough to have a dialogue with the channeled spirit. It may take time to get comfortable with it.

Channeled Writing is the best way to open and start using your intuition and form a relationship with Spirit. We can also call it automatic writing or inspired writing. Channeled writing is the process of inviting Spirit into your living creative space to guide you through inspired writing, where you channel the inspiration of a spirit through writing.

This form of writing is very common in many who don’t realize they are channeling their guidance. Most of the well-known books that have inspired people were channeled in this form. The reason for this type of writing is to give you a tool that you can use anywhere and at anytime.

Here are 5 Practical Ways to Use Channeled Writing:

The Miracle of Voice Channeling Spirit Voice Channeling Spirit is a miracle during this time of our human evolution. Why, you may ask? It’s true that communicating directly with our spiritual guidance, through the voice channeling process, is an innate ability within everyone. But many consider it a miracle or supernatural gift because they believe some people are born with it and some aren’t.

I’ve taught voice channeling workshops for over a decade. You can imagine the shock people have when every attendee actually voice channels spirit. It is meant to be effortless. We are in the Age of the Soul, a time when the veil between the two worlds is becoming increasingly transparent, enabling more and more people to fully tap into their spiritual soul powers of healing, intuition, manifesting and channeling spirit. Let us celebrate this amazing time to be alive!

The turning point for humanity to achieve world peace and unconditional love will happen when each of us knows and embraces that we are souls in human bodies. We are spirits having human experiences on Earth.

The spirits we voice channel are quite similar to us in every way except they don’t have bodies. They are our friends and family we’ve known and traveled with for thousands of years, in most cases, and as spirit guides their sole purpose with you is to help!

What is Voice Channeling?

Voice Channeling is when you allow spirit into your energy field to communicate through your voice. You are in control AND you step back your consciousness to allow spirit to speak. It is like inviting a friend over to share space with you.

How does Voice Channeling benefit you?