Spring Energy ClearingWith the spring equinox upon us a good spring energy cleaning and clearing is due.

What does this mean?

It's time to clear out the old people, places and things that aren't serving our highest purpose to create space for the new people, places and things that are uplifting our soul and launching our life to the next level. Are you on board? Good!

Let's begin with your home. Just as your thoughts, emotions, vibrating cells and atoms within the cells are energy, people in your life, things you possess and places you dwell in are energy. These things vibrate. You could say they harmonize with your vibe or they bring dissonance.

Past LivesA vision or an awakening to your past lives can be helpful. Do we live more than one life? Yes.. 

Our spirit follows its soul destiny, part of the soul destiny is physical living. The concepts of afterlife can be greatly misunderstood.

People allude to the notion that our major existence, as a soul, is one or many lifetimes on Earth. Our lifetimes on Earth make up a small portion of the soul's total journey. With your physical incarnations making up about one seventh of your total soul destiny, it is small in comparison to the grand journey that your soul undergoes. However, it is a very important part of your overall destiny, possibly the most important.

Heal Your LifeBecoming more aware of your life experience can increase your health, enhance treatments you already participate in and even heal your bodily dysfunctions all together.

Healing begins with being aware of what your emotions, mind, spirit and body are telling you to do. You may say, my body doesn't speak to me does it? Yes it does, and more often than you may think. Our bodies have a flawless system of sharing with us what we need to know to help it.

Your self-healing system is built upon learning how to listen better. Self-awareness is the ability to be aware of your total experience of life: emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Think of it this way. Instead of listening outward for healing guidance, go within . . . and listen inward. Let me explain.

Getting GroundedStep One to Agelessness and Immortality

There is a much overlooked topic related to healing called being grounded. By being grounded, one is present for each moment of life.

Most of the world is not grounded and this contributes to many imbalances, taking one away from whole and balanced living.

When You Are Grounded You: increase wellbeing and health; eliminate many physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances; neutralize or minimize illnesses like ADD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, psychosis, and bipolar; you have better memory and become more rational; you possess a stronger ability to communicate and have more predictable behavior; extremes of high and low energy are balanced; you increase intuition, and you experience greater power to manifest your life purpose. Most importantly, your experiences count for your Soul.

Environmental SoulutionsThe Environment is Calling Us to Act Now

We have an incredible opportunity before us where we can make a difference not only in our life and other's lives but for something much more . . .  Earth's ecosystems are deteriorating. Its health is failing.

Humanity is responsible and we have a choice to make that may very well decide the fate of our soul being able to return to this beautiful blue planet again.

This great opening for change is one to celebrate as we forge ahead, lying a new foundation for the youth to balance and sustain this world.