How to Interpret Spiritual VisionsOut of all of our intuitive qualities, intuitive seeing is the quality that makes life magical. Without intuitive seeing we would have a level of awe and lore taken away. Life would seem bland and plain.

By visualizing our goals and believing in them, they manifest incredibly stronger than otherwise.

There are visions in our minds right now. There must be, for our inner vision is co-creating our reality along with our other three intuitive qualities of hearing, feeling and knowing.

We create our desires with our visions and we also receive information from our spiritual guidance through visions.

3 Simple Steps to Create the Perfect Feeling Can one achieve the perfect feeling and if so what is it?

Since we are all driven by emotions, it would serve us to understand how we can create peace and joy within the combination of our animalistic and spiritual selves.

On one hand we have the soul who only knows love and exercises the desire to increase harmony.

On the other hand we have the human species as an animal with urges and emotions that may pull us in an undelightful, even detrimental, direction and in doing so many times creates disharmony.

The perfect feeling is not the ‘good’ or ‘comfortable’ feelings like joy and love, nor is it the ‘bad’ or ‘uncomfortable’ feelings like sadness and anger.

Three Steps to Accessing Every Spiritual PowerFor those of you who haven’t worked with me personally, I am a spiritual coach, author and teacher here in Los Angeles. I’ve had a 100% success rate with my clients and students by using a 3-step soul-based process I developed, which allows anyone to access every spiritual power they possess.

This unique process allows you to release emotional and energetic blocks and allow the soul’s natural life currents to bring into existence your highest and most potent form of healing and manifestation.

When mastered, this process will allow you to call forth everything and anything that is in your highest and best good and release any pattern or thought form that no longer serves you in a positive and progressive way.

Unifying Through the Holiday SeasonWe often find it tempting to distance ourselves from people we deem unusual or different. Society and language can encourage this behavior.  After all, humanity is divided against itself by borders drawn on maps. Demographers eager to throw us into socioeconomic bins ask exactly which one of several checkboxes most accurately defines us.

We root for the home team and boo the rivals into a homogenous blur of pure enmity. It is normal to do this but is it natural?

These social constructs hide the physical truth that in fact we are all connected to each other in many wonderful ways.

Reconnect to Your Inner ChildDo you remember what it is like to see the world through a child’s eyes?

Can you remember how it feels to view everything with child-like innocence?

You have probably developed certain perspectives so that you may adapt and relate in the real world with other adults.

If you take some time to remember what it felt like to have that pure innocence, you will experience more peace and joy in all of life.

You will unify with your spiritual nature and start living from your soul. Your life purpose will be clear and defined every step of the way.

I will teach you 3 steps how to reconnect to your inner child.