How to Communicate Better With Your Child It can be frustrating for children to communicate their feelings to their parents, teachers or caretakers and have their feelings misunderstood. How many of us, adults, feel misunderstood.

We do our best to communicate our feelings clearly in a way that our partners, colleagues and friends can understand, but still there are many misunderstandings.

I wonder how my life would have been different if my parents spent enough time with me to be able to intuitively understand my needs and feelings.

How to Fully Accept Your Child and YourselfWhen a child speaks their opinion, they are often told to be quiet or the opinion goes in one ear and out the other of the parent or caretaker, especially if the child’s opinion is in contradiction to the adult’s.

Hence, the child learns that some of their thoughts and feelings are heard and some are not. The child further interprets that in order to receive attention or acknowledgement they must filter some thoughts and feelings.

The child quickly learns which ones to filter. The filtered thoughts and feelings are the ones the parent is not interested in or doesn't agree with.

How to Heal Limiting Beliefs Each life experience has a belief or beliefs creating it. Emotions are the result of beliefs.

By changing your beliefs, you will change the experience of your emotions.

Your subconscious is the data storage space of your mind that allows beliefs to be held. It is your hard drive, if you were a computer, storing information for retrieval and usage.

There are many beliefs running in your mind at any given time.
Within your subconscious are beliefs such as:

Prenatal BabyTalkYou can see Jason's new article as published in Awareness Magazine May 2010.

How is it that my mom always knew when I was about to hurt myself or get in trouble? I’d get a phone call out of the blue and she’d tell me that she sensed something was wrong. Every time she was right on.

This bond defies space and time. More than coincidence, it is a real invisible connection between us, a connection that was created before I was even born.

Even though it seems rare to have such a powerful connection with one’s mother, I know every mother and child is meant to have a strong spiritual bond. Every mother wants a loving, unbreakable bond with their children that lasts their lifetime.

It begins with prenatal baby talk.

Five Steps To Channel SpiritChanneling is a natural way to be in alignment with our soul’s purpose on earth. It is how we can connect and get to know Spirit.

Spirit is a word encompassing all spiritual assistance we have and the Spirit realm in general. Spirit includes God, Source, Jesus, Buddha, Spirit guides, deceased loved ones, friends and family spirits, and soul mates.

Through channeling we form a close relationship with Spirit. We get to know and love them as friends and family without bodies. Spirit is always with us and helps us daily. They understand our purpose better than we do because they have all the knowledge about anything they need to know; they are also very wise. They can give us advice and open our life up to opportunities that we would never consider on our own!