Four Ways to Be More Present Being present with an experience emotionally, mentally, physically, sexually, and spiritually means you are grounded in the experience. If you do not accept part of your life experience, you unground your consciousness in that moment of life.

Following are four ways you can become more present increasing your wellbeing and success in every way!

    1. SPIRIT - Intuition: Have you ignored your gut feelings or doubted yourself? The intuitive nudges that you receive are to help you be more present with your life purpose. As subtle as they are, give your attention and follow their guidance. See how it helps you to feel more centered.

How To Attract Loving SupportHow do you attract loving support or your perfect partner? Use a "Relationship Vision List" to help you refine the qualities you desire in the person you are attracting. In this day and age we can use more loving support.

What better way to feel supported than by attracting a partner to fit your needs. This "Relationship Vision List" exercise will help you to attract your desired partner.

You may be like many people who keep attracting qualities they don’t want. For instance, you may say you want a partner who is an achiever and financially successful; someone who really goes for it. But once that person is in your life, you realize that they don’t have a balance of spending time with you because they are always off building their empire.

How to Channel a Higher Power to HealWhat does it mean to channel a higher power to create wellbeing and heal your body? We all have our different interpretation of what a higher power is or isn’t. This article is to bring you closer to your own relationship with a higher power.

For purposes of this article, let’s agree that this higher power consciousness is loving, and is interested in your highest good and wellbeing.

Please close your eyes and breathe into what your interpretation of a higher power is so that you can feel it more tangibly when proceeding through this lesson.

10 Tips to Manifest Spiritual SuccessThese ten tips will assist you with manifesting your spiritual success.

    1. Be Authentic: Authenticity connects you with your inner truth and purpose.

    2. Be the Example You Wish to See: What you see is what you get, is a transparency that is rare in the world. People tend to conform to the status quo to feel acceptable.

    3. You Are An Energetic Being: Allow the energetic currents of your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical self to flow openly, to promote health and well-being.

How To Trust SpiritMost mediums and psychics do not exceed 50% accuracy. This means they are accurate at best 50% of the time. Trusting yourself with confidence creates contact with accurate information.

There are steps to be taken so you may be clear in what you receive and discern when you are and are not clear. These virtues increase your chance of being an accurate intuitive.

If you’re going to make a so called ‘mistake’, it is more productive to do so by going within and following your own intuition and a higher power rather than the voices of the outside world.

Every person alive meets the challenge of making choices and the result of your choice is reliant upon whether you choose from within yourself based on your own truth or choose based on another’s truth.

Ultimately, if we trust, are clear and discern the highest intuitive truth in each moment, we are doing the best we can, even if by the results it seems like we didn’t do the best we could have done.