Living From The Soul In The 21st CenturyEveryone’s deepest soul desire, even if they are unaware of it, is to love and be loved. Living from the soul or soul-based living is an experience where one sees through the eyes of their soul. We will understand what living from our soul in the twenty-first century means and how to achieve it.

The mystics have sought enlightenment for eons. When we are connected with our soul, the light of our soul enlightens everything that we do.

Living from our soul gives us peace and harmony with our relationships, the ability to create and manifest our highest purpose so we may receive abundantly from the universe, and permanent inner passion that transcends the temporary fixes we find externally.

Does wisdom come with ageTrue wisdom is innate. We are born with it and exude it from birth. It is always available to us, if we choose to tap into it, channeled directly from our spiritual selves—the soul.

Humanity tends to perceive the source of wisdom as experiences collected through one’s life that give one a greater understanding of human interaction and situations.

The limitation of learned wisdom is it is acquired within the confines of the conditioned human experience and may be a colored version of universal truth.

Some might say learned wisdom is the most practical because it is a known, something they’ve experienced many times.

Gay MarriageWhen it comes to legalizing gay marriage, it doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong. It doesn’t serve us to take sides.

However, it does benefit us to understand how we may unify this world faster. In many ways, the world is stuck in judgment.

World peace is stifled when people attempt to control other’s nonviolent, nonthreatening decisions, which have no detrimental effect on anyone’s lives but that of the chooser.

What are critics of gay marriage really protecting?

Who are they really helping?

What is their control really doing?

Do lucky charms workFour leaf clovers, rabbit's feet and other lucky charms have absolutely no direct effect on our luck but there is something that does, your thoughts.

Lucky charms are really thought charms because their effect is produced by people's thoughts about them.

If you believe a charm will produce a certain result, your belief will co-create that result.

If you believe a broken mirror will give you misfortune, your belief will co-create misfortune.

If a NFL player believes not washing his underwear will help him in the game, it probably will. Not because he's experienced success while wearing them, but because his belief that they will help him.

What will happen in 2012What will happen in the year 2012?

Will there be catastrophe?

Will there be unprecedented spiritual enlightenment?

Will the monetary and government institutions dissolve?

Will extraterrestrials make themselves known to Earth?

Will a messiah be shown to the world?

The 2012 prophecy is not what the majority of spiritual seekers have made it out to be.

2012 is a number that was given to Mayan Shamans by Spirit to signify an era, an era we are in now, have been in, and will continue to be in for years.