How to Heal Limiting BeliefsEach life experience has a belief or beliefs creating it. Emotions are the result of beliefs.

By changing your beliefs, you will change the experience of your emotions.

Your subconscious is the data storage space of your mind that allows beliefs to be held. It is your hard drive, if you were a computer, storing information for retrieval and usage.

There are many beliefs running in your mind at any given time.
Within your subconscious are beliefs such as:

Is abortion badI’m going to reply from what spirit has said to me about abortion.

Abortion violates natural laws of procreation, but then everyone on the planet is violating natural universal laws.

So where is the line drawn?

The soul of an unborn child does not claim the body and expect to be born until the six month mark.

Until then, the fetus is simply a growth inside the mother. The soul is not completely latched into the body until the baby’s first breath.

Gulf Oil SpillThe conflict over who will pay for the cleanup of the recent United States gulf oil spill is mounting. We tend to want to blame others for our passive contribution to the current worldly affairs.

It is no coincidence that every time something happens that we don’t like, we point our finger out at something or someone.

The gulf oil spill is an opportunity for everyone to take responsibility for our collective creation called reality.

This spill is detrimentally affecting life in ways that are mind-numbing, but it’s not the end.

Prenatal BabyTalkYou can see Jason's new article as published in Awareness Magazine May 2010.

How is it that my mom always knew when I was about to hurt myself or get in trouble? I’d get a phone call out of the blue and she’d tell me that she sensed something was wrong. Every time she was right on.

This bond defies space and time. More than coincidence, it is a real invisible connection between us, a connection that was created before I was even born.

Even though it seems rare to have such a powerful connection with one’s mother, I know every mother and child is meant to have a strong spiritual bond. Every mother wants a loving, unbreakable bond with their children that lasts their lifetime.

It begins with prenatal baby talk.

2010 Nuclear TreatyWhen will we have a planet free of nuclear weapons and how?

The bigger question is does humanity want to end the threat of nuclear war as a deterrent?

America and Russia signed a landmark nuclear pact lowering nuclear stockpiles by 30 percent limiting each side to 1,550 deployed warheads.

As evolved as civilization believes it is, humanity is like a group of children on the school playground with cliques and judgments, with bullying and manipulation between groups and even between friends.