What is dualityHow many times have you determined that you or another were wrong, or right for that matter?

Have you experienced this duality of wrong and right daily, hourly or every moment of your life?

Duality is the concept and experience of life where one chooses to judge people, places and things. In doing so, one takes sides with either the right side or the wrong side.

This is usually not something that is turned off and on like a light switch at will. Typically one lives from duality (ego) consciousness or they live from soul (unity) consciousness.

How To Receive Abundant Money Now With the economic downturn, what do we do to keep our faith in manifesting a consistent inflow of money?

Money, money and money is important - just as eating, sleeping and breathing is important.

Can you have abundant money now or do you have to wait for the collective people to change their thinking?

Why wait when you can have it right now!

Age Of The SoulThere is a wonderful opportunity among us that has been talked about for thousands of years. My role has been teaching others how to communicate with their spiritual guidance as a means of empowerment to help usher in this new age.

In September of 2005, significant pieces of wisdom were given to me through daily Angelic communication. These essential teachings were about the soul and that this new age is the Age of the Soul.

I received information from many Angels about the next one thousand years and particularly the century to come. Every road and technique given would always lead to the same place: namely, the awareness of the soul and its destiny on Earth.

We are an advanced culture in many ways, and yet in others, we have far to go. When we look at the consciousness of people and the way they treat one another we can obviously understand there is a great change needed.


Living From The Soul In The 21st CenturyEveryone’s deepest soul desire, even if they are unaware of it, is to love and be loved. Living from the soul or soul-based living is an experience where one sees through the eyes of their soul. We will understand what living from our soul in the twenty-first century means and how to achieve it.

The mystics have sought enlightenment for eons. When we are connected with our soul, the light of our soul enlightens everything that we do.

Living from our soul gives us peace and harmony with our relationships, the ability to create and manifest our highest purpose so we may receive abundantly from the universe, and permanent inner passion that transcends the temporary fixes we find externally.

Does wisdom come with ageTrue wisdom is innate. We are born with it and exude it from birth. It is always available to us, if we choose to tap into it, channeled directly from our spiritual selves—the soul.

Humanity tends to perceive the source of wisdom as experiences collected through one’s life that give one a greater understanding of human interaction and situations.

The limitation of learned wisdom is it is acquired within the confines of the conditioned human experience and may be a colored version of universal truth.

Some might say learned wisdom is the most practical because it is a known, something they’ve experienced many times.