Does blind faith existDoes blind faith exist?

No, because any faith we have is always based on something. Society defines blind faith as faith that isn’t supported by physical evidence.

Society says that if whatever you have faith in can’t be consistently proven through scientific means, then you have blind faith.

We need to rethink blind faith.

Sometimes, we have faith based on our intuition or subconscious belief systems.  Just because these can’t be scientifically proven doesn’t make them invalid or unreal.  Our intuition and belief systems are built upon years of experience and knowledge.

Does tough love parenting workDoes the tough love parenting method assist children with growing and evolving into mature, responsible balanced adults?

It is surely a way to work with children, but does it benefit children more so than simple love?

No, it does not. Then why do parents still use tough love parenting?

Every parent has used it to some degree. It is the process of approaching and raising children from the ego-perspective using force.

Create More Wealth By Valuing YourselfThe best way to increase your wealth and abundance is to raise the bar on your self-value. People see you as you see yourself, mostly.

Therefore, it is imperative to view yourself as you wish to be seen. Makes sense, doesn’t it? I’m talking about really owning your greatest vision of your highest worth.

If you are a consultant, decide what your fee is by the hour or per consultation. Is it over or under how much you actually feel--notice I use the word ‘feel--you are worth?

If you are asking for more than you feel you are worth, people will respond by undervaluing your services. You will not procure much business, if at all.

How To Make The Law Of Attraction Work Every TimeHow do you make the Law of Attraction work every time?

Get your conscious and unconscious thoughts on the same playing field. Get them playing with each other to create in harmony instead of conflict with each other. Where our conscious and unconscious thoughts butt heads is where the Law of Attraction fails.

The greatest secret is not that we create with our thoughts but rather our thoughts create from two places in our mind: the conscious and unconscious.

Many say that we only use 10% of our total mind consciously in any moment. This means 90% of our mind is being driven from our unconscious.

Are there accidents or is everything planned Is every circumstance planned by some heavenly event coordinator or is there really such a thing as chance happenings?

There are accidents and this is why: free will.

The greater purpose of why spirits come into physical bodies is to experience the challenge of making choices, which could change one’s life course instantly taking an individual closer to their life destiny, or further away from it.

People have an overall spiritual plan for their life and heavenly spirits do their best to keep people on track but no prophecy is 100%.