How to Fully Accept Your Child and YourselfWhen a child speaks their opinion, they are often told to be quiet or the opinion goes in one ear and out the other of the parent or caretaker, especially if the child’s opinion is in contradiction to the adult’s.

Hence, the child learns that some of their thoughts and feelings are heard and some are not. The child further interprets that in order to receive attention or acknowledgement they must filter some thoughts and feelings.

The child quickly learns which ones to filter. The filtered thoughts and feelings are the ones the parent is not interested in or doesn't agree with.

ImmigrationImmigration is a touchy topic, indeed. How do you feel about allowing people from other parts of the world to share this land with us?

President Obama is attempting to both strengthen border security and develop a plan to give current illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.

Arizona recently passed a law allowing police to question people who look like they might be an illegal immigrant, and twenty other states are also considering passing this measure.

Do walk-ins existA walk-in, as they have been called, is a soul that replaces another soul in a body during a lifetime.

Though most have not heard of this phenomenon, it is a common phrase in the metaphysical community.

Can your soul permanently leave your body before it dies?

Can another soul take up residence in your body?

No and no. Once a soul chooses a body to use, prior to birth, it is bound to that body until the body’s permanent death.

What are soul fragmentsCan our soul fragment due to emotional trauma as some healers would believe?

The soul doesn't fragment or carry emotional trauma with it after death. The soul has no imbalances because it is a spiritual energy.

We, as a soul, do not carry with us any physical human energies such as the mental, emotional or sexual fields.

These types of energies are experienced very differently when a soul is absent of a physical body.

World CupWhat does the World Cup spiritually symbolize?

The World Cup, involving humanity's expert soccer or football players, depending on your nationality, is an opportunity to evolve our experience of competition.

How you behave, think and feel in a competitive setting, indicates your spiritual evolution. Ego-based versus soul-based competition is clearly defined by judgment versus equality.

How do you experience the World Cup, Olympics or local competitions?