Dalai Lama Steps DownDid the Dalai Lama, Spiritual Leader for the Tibetan people, actually state “rule by spiritual leaders, kings and rajas, is out of date . . . it must end?”

Yes he did. What does this mean?

He is clearly sending a message to the world that we are in a new paradigm, and by breaking the Tibetan Buddhism tradition, he is sending shockwaves through the world.

Padma Choling, the Chinese-appointed governor of Tibet, said

Do Angels And Fairies ExistDo we have Angels and Archangels to call on for help and assistance?

Are fairies real or a figment of our imagination?

Are they real? Spirits are formless, meaning they have no form, which means the angel wings and fairy dust are not their true form. Spirits are however pure spiritual energy that interacts with us for guidance and healing.

Just think of the heavenly features and Tinkerbelle looking personas as costumes. Spirits put on costumes to better interact with us based on our belief systems much in the same way deceased loved ones come to us looking like they did when they were alive, as if they kept that costume on after the body died.

How To Attract Loving SupportHow do you attract loving support or your perfect partner? Use a "Relationship Vision List" to help you refine the qualities you desire in the person you are attracting. In this day and age we can use more loving support.

What better way to feel supported than by attracting a partner to fit your needs. This "Relationship Vision List" exercise will help you to attract your desired partner.

You may be like many people who keep attracting qualities they don’t want. For instance, you may say you want a partner who is an achiever and financially successful; someone who really goes for it. But once that person is in your life, you realize that they don’t have a balance of spending time with you because they are always off building their empire.

How to Channel a Higher Power to HealWhat does it mean to channel a higher power to create wellbeing and heal your body? We all have our different interpretation of what a higher power is or isn’t. This article is to bring you closer to your own relationship with a higher power.

For purposes of this article, let’s agree that this higher power consciousness is loving, and is interested in your highest good and wellbeing.

Please close your eyes and breathe into what your interpretation of a higher power is so that you can feel it more tangibly when proceeding through this lesson.

Mass Animal DeathIs the recent death of 3,000 blackbirds and 100,000 drum fish in America a sign of the end times? The American government reports that 163 such events are reported each year.

Is what we see today a precursor to the 2012 doom and gloom prophecies?

No. According to my spiritual guidance there are different reasons for mass animal deaths.

Whether it’s a mystery, disease, natural conditions or manmade causes, sometimes behind the apparent cause is the hand of a spiritual force.