Your Five Healing IndicatorsTo “heal” is to understand, and to reveal, your state of being. Once you do this, you have the power to change it!

If you play the role of the observer and listen to what your symptoms are actually sharing with you on a deeper level, you will be empowered with real solutions that address the cause of the symptom.

Addressing the root cause of a symptom ensures a deeper long-term healing rather than addressing the symptom alone.

How to Fulfill Your PurposeBoth our soul and the spiritual guiding forces in our life, or in other words ‘Spirit’, have a commitment and interest in putting the fulfillment of our life purpose as their priority.

Therefore, any time that our human personality chooses, with our Free Will, to make fulfilling our purpose the ultimate priority, we position ourselves into 100% alignment with the divine guiding forces in our life.

This as you can probably imagine would serve you, having abundant Universal support where doors open more effortlessly and the steps you take each day feel more meaningful.

Imagine Your Purpose - Beyond Your MindWe are not here on Earth by chance . . . we are here for a very important reason or else we would not be here.

You are so important and so loved, it’s time for us all to open up to this great purpose, even more than we already have.

The foundation of your life is that it is purposeful. There is no other person, or being for that matter, like you in all of creation. Every word, feeling and breath that you have, affects all of creation.

It ripples like the water of a pond after a stone has been dropped into it, into every infinite part of creation. This is who you are. This is how important you are.

This is your primary purpose, just simply existing. And by doing so, affecting this vast universe.

World Peace Inner PeaceWhat do we want more than anything? For most people, it's peace, love and wellbeing.

The notion of our experience of the world around us being a reflection of what is inside of us is widely used in the self-help industry. Many call this idea the mirror metaphor based on our world outside mirroring our internal world. God talks about this concept directly and indirectly in my books Age of the Soul and Empower Our Children (due for release Oct. 15th).

With all of the colorful visions people have shared about the 2012 changes, God felt this excerpt from my upcoming book would be a great perspective to add to them, in the hopes of contributing to your understanding of this amazing time we are in. After the passage, God expands on its meaning, and then I share my thoughts about it.

By the way, the Source speaks to me in my mind, in real time; I hear it as I write it. This process has been called automatic writing or channeling. We are all born with the capacity to speak to our God and spirits guiding and supporting our life journey. It is not for a select few. It is meant for everyone, truly.

Increase Your God SenseI want to share with you an experience I recently had to illuminate the practical side of spiritual communication as well as how grounded it can be.

A new spirit guide identified himself to me as Karmon and went on to create a personal connection by explaining how he came into my life, his distinct purpose now with me, and why he was presenting himself now versus at some other point in time. He spoke through me for forty-five minutes detailing seven key aspects of my October fifteenth book launch, and that he would oversee and advise my team on this project.

By humanizing spiritual guidance in a personable human-type way, the bond between us and Spirit is somehow more “real” to us and quite possibly to them. It permits the experience to appear more grounded and tangible. My experience with Karmon sparked a thought of a passage from my new book Empower Our Children: God’s Call to Parents, How to Heal Yourself and Your Children.