Getting GroundedStep One to Agelessness and Immortality

There is a much overlooked topic related to healing called being grounded. By being grounded, one is present for each moment of life.

Most of the world is not grounded and this contributes to many imbalances, taking one away from whole and balanced living.

When You Are Grounded You: increase wellbeing and health; eliminate many physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances; neutralize or minimize illnesses like ADD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, psychosis, and bipolar; you have better memory and become more rational; you possess a stronger ability to communicate and have more predictable behavior; extremes of high and low energy are balanced; you increase intuition, and you experience greater power to manifest your life purpose. Most importantly, your experiences count for your Soul.

Environmental SoulutionsThe Environment is Calling Us to Act Now

We have an incredible opportunity before us where we can make a difference not only in our life and other's lives but for something much more . . .  Earth's ecosystems are deteriorating. Its health is failing.

Humanity is responsible and we have a choice to make that may very well decide the fate of our soul being able to return to this beautiful blue planet again.

This great opening for change is one to celebrate as we forge ahead, lying a new foundation for the youth to balance and sustain this world.

Earth Day One World One Mind Open your green heart and mind to the most celebrated secular civic holiday in the world, Earth Day! The recognition of this day is more than marching and parading or showing scientific evidence of man's deep ecological footprint on Earth. It is about envisioning an entirely new way of co-existing together on this beautiful blue planet. On April 22, humanity pauses to show gratitude to the Earth for sustaining us. In return, we must promise to do our part to ensure a greener tomorrow.

Thirty-nine years ago, the birth of this holiday gave people hope that Earth-friendly solutions were coming soon. Today, thousands of green organizations and over one billion earth-conscious people contribute to making this world more sustainable for future generations.

What planet will our children's grandchildren inherit from our choices today? Is an environmental apocalypse really possible in our lifetime? Can the ocean actually rise several meters as a result of melting ice world-wide? Will the population growth create scenarios of water and food shortage? Can we make a difference now, just one person?

Earth Day brings hope to people's hearts; the first step to healing our planet is just one intention on one day out of the whole year. Realizing how our actions and even thoughts are influencing our life, mankind and our planet connects us to a moral choice to help make a difference. Our new Earth is closer than most of us realize. It is here!

We Must Stand Together

10 Steps To Manifest Loving RelationshipsHave you ever wondered why you bring the same type of person into your life or why people leave when they do?

It can be frustrating, not knowing why patterns don't change, even when we want them to. We end up blaming ourselves or others when relationships go south.

Wouldn't it be helpful if we understood the enigma of chemistry between people?

Understanding what brings people in and out of our life empowers us to choose who is in our life contributing to our peace, health and joy.

Solution for SuccessGreat motivational speakers and leaders have had differing perspectives about how to uplift the world's consciousness.

The following is a four part solution to overcoming day-to-day challenges to uplift your life.

1. Treat every challenge as an opportunity:

The reason we are so dependent on certain circumstances to bring us joy is because we don't see all events as opportunities. In the moment of each experience that life presents us, we look at it in one of two ways.

The first represents the majority of people on the planet: an experience must be what we want it to be and fulfill certain expectations of that want. This will always leave you with either immediate suffering or short-term joy.