The Miracle of Voice Channeling Spirit Voice Channeling Spirit is a miracle during this time of our human evolution. Why, you may ask? It’s true that communicating directly with our spiritual guidance, through the voice channeling process, is an innate ability within everyone. But many consider it a miracle or supernatural gift because they believe some people are born with it and some aren’t.

I’ve taught voice channeling workshops for over a decade. You can imagine the shock people have when every attendee actually voice channels spirit. It is meant to be effortless. We are in the Age of the Soul, a time when the veil between the two worlds is becoming increasingly transparent, enabling more and more people to fully tap into their spiritual soul powers of healing, intuition, manifesting and channeling spirit. Let us celebrate this amazing time to be alive!

The turning point for humanity to achieve world peace and unconditional love will happen when each of us knows and embraces that we are souls in human bodies. We are spirits having human experiences on Earth.

The spirits we voice channel are quite similar to us in every way except they don’t have bodies. They are our friends and family we’ve known and traveled with for thousands of years, in most cases, and as spirit guides their sole purpose with you is to help!

What is Voice Channeling?

Voice Channeling is when you allow spirit into your energy field to communicate through your voice. You are in control AND you step back your consciousness to allow spirit to speak. It is like inviting a friend over to share space with you.

How does Voice Channeling benefit you?

Transform Your Life With Daily Spirit ConnectionEverybody’s experience of Spirit is different. Each of our awakenings to Spirit is unique. But one thing remains the same with everybody: We all are supported by Spirit and connected to Spirit. The difference between us then, is how sensitive we are to what is already taking place.

One of my goals here is to help you become more sensitive to what’s already taking place, and use it practically to benefit your relationships, career, health and well-being. This way, every day you nurture this connection, YOU will feel closer to the spiritual guiding forces in your life, and believe in them.

It takes practice and when you are beginning it’s important to ignore your doubts and jump in, like a child without apprehension and trust yourself, trust what you are receiving from your connection with Spirit (the visions, inner dialogue, feelings and knowledge).

How we move forward from here is completely up to you. Do you want to commit yourself everyday to nurturing your connection with Spirit? Twice a day? Once a week?

If maintaining an open awareness with your connection determines the impact and sensitivity of your connection, how often do you choose, in this moment, to practice being aware of your spiritual connection?

I Choose Every Moment. How often do you choose?

Activate Agelessness and Miraculous HealingBook Excerpt from the chapter Realizing Full Consciousness from Empower Our Children, a follow-up to the most recent article Introduction to Full Consciousness

The very reason you think what you think, do what you do and feel what you feel is a result of your programmed mind.

It can be liberating to know that even when you feel out of control you are operating from a belief that desires to be reactive.

The great news is if beliefs were programmed into your mind you do not desire, you may reprogram them with beliefs you do desire.

You Always Have Choice.

The main difference between the two responses is that with instinctual responses it seems you do not have a choice of your response regarding a situation, and with chosen responses it seems you do have a choice.

Your goal is for every response to be chosen.

Introduction to Full ConsciousnessBook Excerpt from the chapter Realizing Full Consciousness from Empower Our Children

Full consciousness is a foreseen evolutionary step for humanity, and will happen for many by the turn of the century. Once you reach full consciousness almost anything will be possible.

You will witness:

  • Telekinesis: the movement of physical matter with your mind.
  • Telepathy: intuitive communication.
  • Self-healing: your ability to heal yourself, even though there will be no need for healing, other than accidents or environmental effects on your body.
  • Materialization: when objects are created out of unseen energy abundant and accessible everywhere in the Universe.
  • Dematerialization: the breaking down of matter to its fundamental energetic particles.
  • Teleportation: matter being pushed through a window, if you will, of energy to another location. The matter doesn’t so much move as the energetic window moves around the matter causing the appearance of it to disappear and reappear in another location.

So how do you reach full consciousness?

Your Five Healing IndicatorsTo “heal” is to understand, and to reveal, your state of being. Once you do this, you have the power to change it!

If you play the role of the observer and listen to what your symptoms are actually sharing with you on a deeper level, you will be empowered with real solutions that address the cause of the symptom.

Addressing the root cause of a symptom ensures a deeper long-term healing rather than addressing the symptom alone.