how-to-get-your-energy-back-live-your-greatest-purposeWe all need SPACE in our homes and hearts for spirit to move us where it is most purposeful. SPACE is the key word.

This is something I’ve worked with all of my long-term clients on and I want to help you have a shift too.

There is a certain amount of energy and space mentally, emotionally and physically, so we need to release everything not serving us, or even neutral, so we can fill our life with everything that serves our soul’s highest and best purpose!

Let’s take a step back and explore a key question here. . . What is a purposeful life?

A purposeful life is one where every day you are removing barriers between yourself, other people and spirit, so you can understand who you are as a soul and your reason for being here on Earth, aka your life purpose.

To truly understand your life purpose, you need to clear out what is not serving you, so your vibration can be uplifted to make room the people, places and things that will uplift and guide you into the highest calling of your life.

We’re all inundated with extra stuff we don’t need that isn’t LIFTING US UP in vibration or purpose.

If it’s not LIFTING YOU UP its actually distracting and inhibiting you from your purpose. Ouch. I’ll explain and give you a step you can take today to lighten your load.

Unlocking Your Souls Perspective Video 325x256Your soul has a special perspective about the people, places and things in your life.

Mostly our soul’s perspective has not been role-modeled to us, and we’ve come to a crucial point in our lives where it must be unlocked. . .

Because we’d all like to feel peace and clarity!

Seeing life from the perspective of our soul is what will end our suffering.

Layers of stories and unclear perspectives about life, passed down for generations, are creating your own personal misery. . . but your joyful, loving soul is below the surface and has so much beauty and love to share with you!

We can easily find ourselves throwing people, things, situations and ourselves into categories.

Categories entangle us into a judgmental perspective about our life experiences.

DC Love 325x433pxPractitioner Stories - Angels and Joan Rivers
Voice channeling stories from practitioners of our program

Note from Jason:
Communicating with our spiritual guidance is important for everyone. For some people communicating messages from the spirit to people on this side of the veil is a huge part of their purpose. This program is now awakening in people around the world a calling to help others connect directly to their spiritual guidance for answers and healing. DC Love has an important purpose bridging the veil between the spirit world and the physical world and she seizes her abilities with the utmost love and reverence. What she shares with us today is just a few parts to her story with spirit.

Story by DC Love:
"Jason Nelson facilitated my first time voice channeling with the Voice Channeling technique. I took the full workshop in weekly one on one sessions with Jason since I was not able to travel to a workshop location.

Archangel Metatron spoke through me and it was very insightful. I felt a strong presence with him. He is really sweet, but a no nonsense Archangel. I used to call him Mr. Bossy Pants before I knew his name many months previously.

five-accomplishments-to-becoming-one-with-your-soul In today’s world many people are disconnected from both the importance of their life and what their purpose is in its most glorious manifestation.

Do you know how important you are?

Can you see the full vision of your life purpose and your next steps to manifest it?

As a soul, you are living in your body on the Earth for very important reasons, both for your own growth as a soul and the betterment of humanity.

Instead of our focus being on the love and power of our souls, we often spend our time judging ourselves and other people and feeling disconnected from who we truly are. We’re pulled and affected by challenging people and situations. We are ungrounding from our life when things become uncomfortable, instead of embracing the beauty and opportunity that is within every moment.

We need tools to become one with our souls and move into soul-based living. The Five Accomplishments are the steps to get each of us there.

3 Quick Ways to Get Grounded in Body and Soul 316x188pxDid you know that most people are not fully present for their life experience?

When you feel unfocused, inconsistent energy, disconnected or a difficulty manifesting something, it’s likely you are ungrounded.

Being ungrounded means that your consciousness is not fully present for your life experience.

Important opportunities are missed when we are ungrounded and it affects our health, our personal power and our soul’s destiny. Do you: