“I offer spiritual solutions to everyday challenges.”– Jason Nelson

About Jason
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Jason Nelson is a grounded, clear voice of our time, removing the old paradigm of dualism and judgment, to release our ego and fully reveal our loving soul’s true, authentic nature.

His mission is to give people simple, grounded, practical tools to be applied in everyday life that provide tangible proof of our power to co-create our own life and destiny. As a result, one opens up to their fullest potential and role-models a new way of living—free, with peace and purpose.

“Spiritual abilities such as intuition, healing and mediumship are not the gifts of a select few. They are natural ways of living that are within every person. I've had 100% success in connecting people to their spiritual powers because we're already connected; it's just a matter of bringing our attention more to what is already happening!” - Jason Nelson

As a messenger of God's truth and love, Jason is awakening in people a reason for living that far transcends egoism; namely, a moral responsibility to wholeheartedly choose our spiritual purpose.

Jason fulfills his purpose of enabling people to shift themselves into the new paradigm of spirituality and live a soul-based life of self acceptance and love, through his books, coaching, personal appearances and programs. For over a decade, Jason has led groundbreaking seminars connecting people more deeply with their souls and God, healing the hearts of individuals and families worldwide.

Spiritual Life Coach

As a Spiritual Life Coach, Jason offers personal sessions for individuals, couples, partnerships and corporations.

Personal Coaching sessions are the most direct way for Jason to work with individuals on their path and purpose, to create their most empowered, successful life in all areas, both personally and professionally.

After a decade of following a higher power, a universal spiritual process was revealed to Jason. This three step process enables everyone to access their spiritual potential that was once thought to be for a select few, such as communicating directly with the benevolent, spiritual guiding forces in our lives, intuiting our best direction in each moment and healing the limiting areas in our life.

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God-The Source of All Divinity directly communicates to you, the reader, through this series of books written through Jason Nelson. God’s extremely direct, to the point messages are intended to give you a personal experience with the Divine and initiate reconnection and integration with what is most sacred to the you: your loving soul.

Age of the Soul: A New Way of Living from Your Soul (2006) is a succinct overarching look at the next 1000 years, and what we can do, individually and collectively, to begin living more from our soul’s intrinsic loving nature. The book helps us define our purpose, overcome root issues and clear patterns that separate us from direct spiritual experiences such as healing, intuition, spirit communication and creativity.

“I’ve ran around telling everyone I’ve finally found the real answers to life, connecting everything I’d learned in the past together. This book is not a Hollywood shortcut.” - Diane K.

Empower Our Children: God’s Call to Parents, How to Heal Yourself and Your Children (Oct. 2012) is an empowering guide for all people, and especially parents and caretakers of children, to reveal and heal their own inner child and role model authentic confidence, self-expression and self-love for today's children. Children are our first priority to realize world peace.

“I love being around children. I'm deeply moved and inspired by their innocence. They have fresher, clearer eyes to see the world with unconditional love because of the natural spirituality they were born with.” - Jason Nelson

Personal Story of Transformation

"On the night of my 25th birthday in Los Angeles, California (where I was born), I experienced an epiphany that changed my life direction instantly – God came to me loudly and clearly and showed me the future of my life and this planet. For two weeks every night thereafter God continued introducing me to prophecies and understandings that I’d never considered, including my ultimate purpose in this life: to distill down the way we connect to our spiritual existence into the simplest idea possible. A part of me was being activated and turned on, a part that had been eclipsed for some time, possibly most of my life since I was a very young child—it was my soul.

As a result of that night and what subsequently transpired, I was healed of all physical illnesses (chronic - fatigue, migraines, fainting spells, hypoglycemia and bronchitis) and cleared of many fears and limiting beliefs. I was also given the ability to connect others - with 100% success - to the spiritual guiding forces in their lives to find and follow their soul's purpose.

The epiphany repositioned me from a career in music production to international empowerment speaking and coaching. I began an intensive hypnotherapy program and spiritual counseling and mediumship training with world class healer Katherine Beck. In December 2003 God instructed me to leave my well paying job in Sales and move to Utah. God continued to open doors while I was in Utah. Shortly after founding New You, an organic day spa and wellness center nestled in beautiful Southern Utah, I was instructed by God to return to Los Angeles in 2005 to begin channeling a series of books from God - The Source. Today I continue to teach and mentor thousands of students globally while allowing God’s words to come through me into these books." - Jason